Thursday, March 5, 2009


LOL is the best medicine.

Ah Beng was with his American and English friends at a bar in New York. The bartender asks, “What would you like sir ?”
The American replied "JOHNNIE WALKER, SINGLE."
The Englishman replied : "JACK DANIELS, SINGLE."
The bartender approaches Ah Beng and asks, "And what about you , Sir?"
Ah Beng replies: "Tan Ah Beng, MARRIED."

(Adapted from, Pastor Ng Wah Lok’s Ah Beng website.)

I have been so busy I want to tear my books! Especially Additional Mathematics. When I don’t know what to do but I want to do something, I was so pressurized. Like this morning, I was supposed to pass up an essay entitled ‘An anxious / dangerous moment’. I wrote about the time I was ‘lost’ in Italy and then suddenly my friend told me ‘Eh Ivan, must write about disasters like a fire or earthquake la.’ I went totally furious LOL and then I tore my essay –_-.

The worst part is, later my class’s Chinese coordinator told me it’s OK to write something like that. And so, I pasted my essay on a new foolscap paper. Super sien.

Have to bathe Yumi / Bak Hu every Thursday lo. Maybe it’s not enough, ‘cause she has lice biting her nipples.

I oso got help one la.

Bathe the big-head dog!

Shampoo the bitch female dog!

Dance around.

Dry :D. Super boney.


Healthy Poodle Labrador mix.


And don’t worry, I have not been neglecting Jocky. He’s still alive anyway.

Spray the angry dog!


Most important part:


HAHAHAHA! There goes mum’s toothbrush. Who ask you dowan let me buy PS3!?

LOL just joking. I don’t do such a thing. If I’m that crazy I’ll stick the toothbrush into Jocky’s ass.hole. Ah I'm just joking ok. I won't do such a cruel thing -_-.

We (5 Science 2) have been busy with Dikir Barat. Well actually, this year we don’t have much ‘spirit’ to practise well. We were so reluctant and lazy we could’ve lost the competition LOL. But good thing is, our spirit blazed one day before the semi-finals. Good good.

And we practised at several places lo. Chong Yaw’s house and Wee Garden. The night we practised at Wee Garden was Hon Shou’s birthday. He’s Wee Garden’s boss’s son la.

And this is his dawg.


His dog’s eye shit so smelly lor. Smelly like shit. ‘Cause it’s shit. –_-. Bak Sai Gao. Luckily mine is only Bak Hu Gao. Hahaha, but Hon Shou, I’m not criticising or what la, your dog is still cute what.

But my dog is still cuter. LOL.

And then we sang Happy Birthday and everyone enjoyed the pizzas his dad bought.


Evil 5S2 people.

Saw a graffiti on the walls near my tuition place. Super cute la.

I can draw it already! LOL.

Oh and a friend bought me chocolates from Australia! Or maybe from KLIA, anyway it’s nice.



Super huge can!? Milk chocolate. I pop the whole thing in and I need a minute to finish a piece. So 8 minutes for 8 pieces and everyone is happy. Woohoo.

School life is crazy. The homework is crazy. Anyway Mr.Ng (ah sir) is teaching my class English. His classes are totally fun la. And he’s better than my last year’s English teacher >_>. Today also he sipe funny. Few people didn’t do their homework. And then Ah Sir punished them by asking them to go to his house on Saturday at 8pm. 2 girls and 3 boys. No worries la, if he does something, you 5 gangbang him! Knock him out!

Ok so last time he was saying that we were testing him, as in testing him by writing in small alphabets – testing his eyesight, using wrong grammar – testing his grammar etc. So today after saying that the 5 people are to go to his house on Saturday, he was like, ‘Ok so from now on, no one shall test me anymore’ (or something like that). And then he suddenly went near a girl and said quite loudly ‘NEVER!!!’. Guess what? Geok Khim che kia till she dropped her calculator. Hahahhaa. So fun la really.

It’s fun to blog. Now I know the period I was in Italy wasn’t a waste. I was resting physically and mentally, and now I shall blast everything! 2nd Assessment test is in April, April 11th like that. Let’s rock!

Proverbs 16:3
Commit your actions to the Lord,
and your plans will succeed!

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