Sunday, May 3, 2009


LOL is the best medicine!

A crook mistakenly made a counterfeit $8 bill instead of a $10 bill. He decided to try it out anyway.
He went to the teller at the local bank and asked for change.
The teller looked at the $8 bill and gave the crook two $4 bills as change.

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Ok it’s been a while a long time since I updated my blog, like 2 weeks ago!?

Well the reason is I don’t have a maid now. Gah. Seriously. We officially kicked her out of the house about 2 weeks ago. Reason is she put urine in our water boiler –____-. Yeah seriously. Urine. Pee. 小便. Madness. Dad sent a ‘water sample’ to be tested and I don’t know what happened to the sample >__>.

Ok anyway before this, this maid had been quite naughty already. She was doing debe faces and talking rudely to my father. The kind of debe face where you feel like slapping her. For example,

Dad: Anna, awak ada lap tingkap itu tak?
Maid: Ya ada. Kenapa tak ada?
Dad: (Checks the window) Kenapa bawah sini kotor sangat??
Maid: Ya saya tak cakap saya lap bawah ma, saya lap atas tu.

Lies, lies and lies. And she also purposely doesn’t wake up in the morning causing havoc in me when I wake up so late and still arrive school early enough. Goodness. There are a lot more, but I’m just so lazy to recall all of them back into my mind. Wasting time.

So now I’m busy doing stuff on my own as there isn’t any maid to serve me. Anyway parents, don’t believe in stuff like ‘I want my children to be independent so I’m not getting a maid’. Gah. Let your children enjoy life! Life’s brief candle. Although there IS some fun doing work on your own like ironing your own clothes (maybe), but your children should spend their time playing/studying. Life is good!

Well, not having a maid = another reason for having no time to practise my piano. HAHAHA. I’m so lazy I don’t wanna practise piano at all!!! Who cares about the stupid piano!? But well piano exam is coming, and it makes me puke. Gotta practise gotta practise. No choice but not to waste money. Sigh. After my practical and theory exam I’m not gonna touch the piano for a long long time (*at home).

Ok last last Saturday Chiy Hin celebrated his 17th birthday party :D. His birthday was supposed to be on the 20th of April, but well he celebrated on 25th of April, Saturday. Pizza Hut roxxxx!

Everyone is like, so nervous when it comes to ordering –_-.

Ee Sheon, Chiy Hin and Zi Jian were happy after ordering. Koon Hooi still wondering –_-.

Bethany being mad, Cheesiew biting her fingers and Pei Luan scratching her nose~.

Bethany, Qing Jun and char siew pau Chee Siew who was meditating. LOL.

Chiy Hin acting cute after opening his present from Qing Jun, Pei Luan and Chee Siew XD.

The cake some of us bought for him :D.

Chiy Hin pretending to blow the candles while Zi Jian scratching his ear zz.

Group photo :D.

It was really fun lor. Joked around and around like crazy. Also ate like crazy. A big thanks to Chiy Hin once again :).

Oh and I went to La Hot Spring recently. Last Friday, with the church youth. It was organised by Uncle James and Aunty Peggy. Thanks a lot uncle and aunty! You two rock babeh!

Anyway I had a whale of time. Super fun playing Rubix Cube and peeing in the water playing in the water and in the hot spring. Got to know lots of friends there too, pilots in particular.

Setting up the campfire :D.


Blazing fire!


All of us ‘danced’ around and sang songs. We even had a guitar there!

And then more water activities after everyone went home. Those left were people who sat in the van with Kelvin driving. Kelvin sent me and Vivien home wor. Such a good leader woo.

Timothy, ‘Jeremy’ Lee Kai Sheng, Hip, Adrian, me, Uncle Adrian, Kelvin and Danny.

Anyway for more pictures, visit Bethany’s blog.

Oh and have you guys ever played the Rubix Cube? It’s said that  the Rubix Cube has been around for already 30 years >__>.rubiks-cube

Well for now, the best I could every do with the Rubik’s Cube iss to get only one side with the same color. Nothing beyond that, or if I get lucky, one face and all other two lines with the same colour. But I’m really good at taking the stickers off and make all the sides that same color, but I don’t think that is the way you are suppose to do it. LOL.

Well ‘Jeremy’ Kai Sheng taught me how to solve the cube, but we didn’t have enough time so I couldn’t learn how to make all faces unicoloured. I read the instructions online but it’s just too hard to understand this way >__>. Hope to get him to teach me zz.

Ok bye. Whee~


Cheesiew_Michelle said...

Eh.. i am not biting my finger nah.. Ish.. Ish..

iVan Chong said...

joking mar LOL.

Angel said...

Must be really fun having a campfire at night.