Friday, January 30, 2009


Current feeling: I WANNA GO HOME!

Oh gosh, just realised that I haven't been updating for 3 days, since the 27th. Anyway, 1week+ to go! Then I can go home liao. Syokness. I WANNA GO HOMEEEEEEEE.

I watched High School Musical 3 last night, and it was great! And I suddenly thought of writing down which songs I like the most.
Solo: Scream.
Duet: Just wanna be with you.
Group: A night to remember.

Well, they are great, but not as catchy as the songs back in High School Musical 1. The music in High School Musical 2 and 3 are very nice, but it is nicer and easier to sing the songs in the 1st movie.

And then watched The 100 Dalmations in Spanish during Spanish class today -__-.

Ah, and in school we were discussing our English test. (Gahaha I got 9/10!!) And then we were talking about stress among children, teenagers, young adults etc. So said about teenagers.

So teenagers have this stress about parents liking to compare them with older siblings / other children. Yea, we complain about it a lot, but when it comes to doing something everyone else does, such as going out on Thursday night, then we will say 'but our friends can go!?'. Well, tolerance is the key LOL jk.

Ee, host brother usually text message me in school to tell me news like he won't be going, I have to do something else like going to friend's house or going home alone, and he said each sms is 0,30 euro only! Gosh, not more than Rm1.50. Whereas when I sms him...

Yumi is really cute lar. She went to 2nd aunt's (yes Mama Teoh) house for Chinese New Year vacation. LOL, actually she just went there so that she has got people to look after her. Thanks 2nd aunt, uncle, 6th aunt, HengYan and HengYong! Heard Yumi learnt how to shake hand and sit down when people tell her to. Gahaha, some more they said her shit is cute -_-. 6th aunt wanted to bring her home to KL, my dad lalu agreed (zzzzz) but luckily 6th aunt said ''What about iVan??''.

Yumi's brother/sister.
Puppy of my mum's friend. Luckily Yumi is cuter and nicer, 'cause she has the colour. HAHHAA!! Whee. Zzz.

My dad is kelian-ing Jocky lar. Mum said Jocky got injured, maybe 'cause he was too noisy when my family went to Ipoh. Kelian.. But I said don't lock Jocky anymore lor, let him run around the whole house all the time, or else he will soon die of boredom. Poor dog.

Here's a list of what food I'm eager to I MUST EAT when I go back to KB:
1. Roti Canai. HAHAHA.
2. Fried chicken + sambal + rice. Opposite Chung Hwa primary and that Kak Wook one.
3. Tomyam!
4. Secret Recipe cheesecakes. Gosh I forgot my favourite chocolate cake's name T_T.
Added: mum said it's Chocolate Mudcake :D.
5. KFC. Fried chicken, zinger burger..
6. McDonalds. McFlurry, french fries, Chicken McDeluxe and of course Prosperity Burgerrrrrr.
7. Laksa, cowjam cowjump COWJHUM, whatever the spelling is. The shop near our school!
8. Watermelon, papaya, jambu..
9. Yakult!!
10. Fried rice + fried chicken, fried beehon + sambal. Near Kammeng tuition that one.

Here's a list of what I want/must to do when I get back to KB:
1. Visit grandma.
2. Visit Joshua in KL.
3. Enjoy the CNY party with church youth.
4. Go to school. (Oh yeah, because of friends -_-)
5. Study like mad.
6. Eat like mad.
7. DotA like mad.
8. Read storybooks like mad.
9. Take at least 30 photos with Yumi, in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garden, you name it!
10. Go out with friends more often, lke in Italy they go to the pub a lot on Saturdays. Woohoo.

Lately I've been busy reading Twilight like mad. Finished the 1st book already in 2 days including eating, sleeping, shitting, showering, school time etc etc.

Ok so I read Twilight. Great book. All books seem to be nice to me zzz.
Well it's about a vampire, Edward Cullen and a pretty girl, Isabella Swan. They like each other but he's a vampire so he can't resist himself but he can and then they paktoh and then got people, I mean vampire want to eat Isabella and then Edward's family of Vampires helped her because they have never seen Edward so happy before, but since Edward began to paktoh with Isabella, he is happy like mad. Romantic stuff, and there goes the 1st book.

I'm gonna finish all the 4 books before I go back to Malaysia! Wuahahaha. Anyway the exams are around the corner, so all the best to all of you form3 and form5 students! HAHAHA.

Vivien and cousin.

Cousins happy with ang paos -_-.

Mini nian kao. What's the point? Eat also.

Proverbs 22:24-25
Don't befriend angry people,
or associate with hot-tempered people,
or you will learn to be like them
and endanger your soul.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chilli Chocolates?

Currently listening to: In Christ Alone. (All the versions available!)
Current feeling: Story books about old times make me hate war!! Why should the children suffer!? Women suffer can already la! LOL joking.

Ah, Fiona is mad lar. She loves to come into my room and meow meow meow, wanting me to carry her up and let her run about on the computer table. And today I found out one thing she likes - rulers!

She hits and bites!

And she loves to discover new things too >_>.




Gosh, I thought she would be waiting at the door to run out, manatau she was enjoying herself inside the cupboard -_-.

Read 5 books today:

Nothing but the Truth is about a Chinese girl who studies in an International school in Bangkok, Thailand. And then she has this perverted teacher (male, of course) who purposely gives her low marks and ask her to attend his stupid yet 500 Baht per class Extra Lessons. And then she realises that to solve her problems she just has to tell the truth, instead of lying.

Other books are written by the same author and all of them are murder mysteries. Nice!! Especially when it is like the more you read, the more you discover a new secret from that mystery, and then you just wanna read through the whole book to find out who the killer is.

And a thick book here:

Oh it's gorgeous. Superb! Well, this book talks about a boy named David (duh!) who is in the concentration camp [the place where they keep the imprisoned or whatever they are called, during the World War 2 like that] since he was 1 year old. But he's the well-treated in the prison, he's given milk and vitamins. One day a man tells him to escape from the prison and blah blah. So he went out of that place and decided to go to Germany to find his mother.

Well a lot of things happened, and somehow he managed to live by working, working as in carrying tourists' bags in the train stations and stuff like that. He rescued a girl from being burnt to death and stayed in that family's house and got to know what beautiful is.

On his hard journey, he learnt to pray to God, in which he knew about from an uncle in prison he was with last time. 'God of the green pastures and still waters' is what he calls God.

And lastly he got a dog (a sheep-dog which ran away from its owner) which he stayed in a stable with the dog. Then he walked with the dog and fount out that he's just near the prison he was in last last time -__-. Then the dog sacrificed itself and distracted the 3 men who wanted to catch David and he managed to escape. Then lastly he got a lift to lots of places and finally reached Germany, and met his mother.

p/s: 20% chance next book might be Twilight XD. Or at least one of these days before I get back to Malaysia and suffer homework illness. May I fall sick because of homework. Choi! chochiochiohcoihcohoichohcohcocichoi. LOL just joking. Zzzzz.

I Am David ( has the following awards:
-Crystal Heart Award
-Heartland Film Festival
-Lewis Carroll Shelf Award
-American Library Association Notable Book
-Best Scandinavian Children's's Book
-Boys Club of America Junior Book Award Gold Medal

Oh oh, today didn't know that Gym Class was Ice-skating again, so I decided I don't wanna go, since only 1/3 (6 people) of the class wanted to go. So my classmate invited me to go to her house and wait till my host brother's afternoon class to end then I would leave.

They have this CO2 machine that makes your mineral water 'gased'. Just push that special bottle (filled with water) into that machine and 'brrrrrrr' and then you get carbonated water. And then you add one of these:

And the drink is made! They have Cola Juice, which is quite uncommon in Malaysia >_>.

And they have Chilli Chocolates!!


Well, it's not that spicy, but it sets your throat on fire tickles your throat a little when you swallow the chocolate. Nothing special.

Ah a fine day. Joshua said I take up reading just because I have nothing better to do, and said that when I'm back in KB, I would play DotA when I'm free. Yes true, but there are intervals where we wait like crazy for friends to join in right, so can read! :D

About 2 weeks to home in Malaysia. I will be so reluctant to leave Italy. Who wouldn't miss a life where you go to school to read story books and talk and eat, come home and play the computer for the whole day? But well this isn't life at all >_>. Life without responsibilities just doesn't seem right for me. Oh well.

In Christ Alone
In Christ alone will I glory
Though I could pride myself in battles won
For I’ve been blessed beyond measure
And by His strength alone I’ll overcome
Oh, I could stop and count successes like diamonds in my hands
But those trophies could not equal to the grace by which I stand

In Christ alone
I place my trust
And find my glory in the power of the cross
In every victory
Let it be said of me
My source of strength
My source of hope
Is Christ alone

In Christ alone do I glory
For only by His grace I am redeemed
For only His tender mercy
Could reach beyond my weakness to my need
And now I seek no greater honor in just to know Him more
And to count my gains but losses to the glory of my Lord

Monday, January 26, 2009


Current feeling: Super happy!

I am so NOT cheated. Mmmm. Syokness. Come I do maths here again.

That day the scale showed 1.1kg and host sister said there are about 97 chocolates.
Ok the truth is: I paid 50€ for 1.428571429kg of Lindt chocolates and there are 107 pieces (yes I counted them).

Last time said 3.50€ for 100g, and then 35€ for 1kg, how could 50€ give me 1.1kg only??

Ok so now,

3.50€ --> 0.1kg
50€ ----> 1.428571429kg
Currently 1€=RM4.74,
RM237 --> 1.428571429kg
RM1 ----> 0.006027727kg

In KL, a packet pf Lindt costs
RM70 --> 0.4kg
RM 1 ---> 0.005714285kg

HAHAHA, I love it now! No rugi woohoo. Ok done. I am so happy that i ate 3 Lindt chocolates, so 5 gone, 'cause last time curi curi eat 2 LOL.

Oh oh just now saw a mad lady with lipstick on the bus. Her lipstick's outer border got one black line -___-. Geli.

And then in class English teacher was asking as I was reading a book, the girl who lent me the book was like 'Oh he's reading a book. My book.' She was so high ok, and called me a 'book eater'.
It's fun to develop this interest in reading story books. Especially those about children who are under effect of wars. Not directly affected, but all families are affected, as in children of the Commanders and blah blah.

Book of the day:

Rating: 10/10!!!

Actually this book was shown to me the moment I arrived at school. At first I saw 'striped pyjamas' and thought that it was 'stripped pyjamas' and I was like asking her, 'sex'?. Oh striped, Zebra's stripes.

Ok, some introduction first. John Boyne was born in Ireland in 1971 and is the author of 6 novels. [Gosh I read a novel! Well maybe.] The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas won 2 Irish Book Awards, was shortlisted for the British Book Awards and has been now made into a feature film by Miranax Films. His novels are published in over 30 languages. He lives in Dublin.

John Boyne you rock!!

Here's the summary, copied from (I am so lazy to type the summary again, just now told mum the story already). But it's still very interesting, please do read it. :D

The book is about a young boy, Bruno, the son of a Nazi lieutenant colonel. He has a headstrong sister, Gretel (called "the Hopeless case"). They used to live in a five-story mansion in Berlin but are one day suddenly transferred to a place called "Out-With", by his father's boss, the "Fury" Adolf Hitler ("Out-With" is really Auschwitz, and the "Fury" is the Führer, but Bruno can't pronounce the words correctly). Bruno , angered and confused by his father's decision to move and desperate to go home, spends his time in his room, without any friends to play with. He misses their old home. In such a small space, there isn't any room for exploration (a hobby of Bruno's), as there was in the house in Berlin.

From his bedroom window, Bruno spots a fence behind which he sees many people in 'striped pyjamas'. These are Jews, and they are in a Nazi concentration camp. One day his parents come to an agreement that both Bruno and Gretel need a tutor for their education, so they hire Herr Liszt. To Bruno, Herr Liszt is the most boring teacher one could ever have; he teaches social science instead of reading and arts, which Bruno prefers. So, in boredom and confusion, Bruno wonders what is going on at "Out-With" (Auschwitz) and why people are always dressed in striped pyjamas there. One afternoon, he goes exploring, and meets a Jewish boy called Shmuel, a name Bruno has never before heard but that apparently is quite common in the concentration camp. Shmuel soon becomes Bruno's friend and Bruno visits every afternoon to talk. Bruno is told that the people in the striped pyjamas on the other side of the fence are Jews and that he and his family are "the opposite".

The story ends with Bruno about to return to the family's old home in Berlin. As a final adventure, he agrees to dress in a set of striped pyjamas and climb under a loose wire in the fence to help Shmuel find his father, who went missing in the camp. The boys are unable to find him, and just as it starts to rain and get dark, Bruno decides he would like to go home, yet the Nazis in the area of the camp force the boys to go on a march. Neither boy knows where this march will lead. However, they are soon crowded into a gas chamber, and the author leaves the story with Bruno pondering, yet unafraid, in the dark holding hands with Shmuel. "...Despite the chaos that followed, Bruno found that he was still holding Shmuel's hand in his own and nothing in the world would have persuaded him to let go".

In an epilogue, Bruno's father subsequently discovers Bruno's clothes by the fence and figures out what happened to him. Several months later, Allied (although not stated, presumably Russian as the Red Army liberated Auschwitz) soldiers come and order the Nazi soldiers to come with them, and Bruno's father goes without complaint, because "he didn't really mind what they did to him anymore".

Blah blah blah, ok done. Nice la, Hitler's time. The book even described Hitler (The Fury) as a man with a mini moustache which looked awkward to Bruno. Hahah.

Next book: I am David.

Oh and just now my right hand's skin was very very thick.

No, I didn't cut myself.

I peeled the skin there, and about 0.4cmX0.4cm bled LOL. Geli till another girl who sits beside me kept on putting her hands in front of her eyes, showing the 'YOU ARE SO GELI' face.
And then I 'krak' my head, 'krak' as in when you press your fingers together and make the 'krak' sound. She went mad LOL.

Oh well, a warning from mum: ''You're not an orange, don't peel yourself..'' Ok!

So much for Chinese New Year in Italy, I really miss home now T_T. Papa mama korkor yikor vvien grandma grandpa big-aunt small-aunt 3rd-uncle 4th-uncle smallest-uncle cousins ah-hui ah-en yong-yong Hao-Hao Yo-yo blah everyone!!!

So far so good for my first year of being away from home for Chinese New Year. At least I have funny classmates and cute Fiona. Whee.

Proverbs 10:18
Hiding hatred makes you a liar;
slandering others makes you a fool.


Currently listening to: Astro Chinese New Year 2009 Song: Qing Zhu The lyrics are great! The song makes me homesick and happy to have a CNY stuff at the same time!
Current feeling: Syokness, but I miss home! (China Town is far..)

Ok first, some updates.

Gosh, you know what email I received today?
...... has added you on Facebook!
Guess who? Host mama LOL. Keat la.

Minyi touched Yumi too. Gah I'm so jealous. Yumi ain't a virgin anymore. Sigh... Cute things are nice if I can be the first to touch them, snap their photos, see them pee/poo, bully them etc etc. But no more. T_T

And if you came to my blog from Heng Yan's, please see Yumi's photos. [Click it!] Hope Yumi will be fine then. >_>

Yesterday host mama said: 'Let us go to Venice.' Ok so today I went to Venice! [Warning: 42 photos await you.] :D Syokness, the erm city of water? It's peaceful, beautiful and of course wonderful! I love Venice! Venice is a big fish, a big fish yeah.

Find Venice.



All set?

All set. First time wearing my Christmas gift - the shirt. Gahaha.

We had lunch at some erm café, and the café had this huge Plasma TV. >_>. Like 1.5x the size of a vanilla manilla card.


We took 2 hours to reach Venice from Trento, therefore it was quite a tiring journey. Tired from sleeping. Oh and host sis' bf very fun la. I was telling him..
''Eh, later the boat sink when you get on it la!'' (with hand gestures).
And then he made the 'I kill you' face. He can make the killer's face. O.O

And then heard 'Can't live' in Italian. Makes me think of 'Ken Lee' straight away.

So this is Venice.

Yeah this is Venice, but not the wonderful part yet ma.

Parked at some carpark which was quite a distance from the actual Venice, so gotta walk, and saw this -_-.

Chewing gum plates all over the fences. Some even got cigarettes weh!

Venice is a love at first sight place. Feel the tranquility babeh.

Feel it!


Down we go.

And walk and walk and walk...

It was time for the carnivals! Venice is known for erm, these?


Phantom of the opera!

Random church.

Black gondola. Iooooo. Got red and blue ones too! Very much nicer than those in Genting Highlands. -__-

Better view.

This is madness:

Nutella that weighs 5kg, and is as big as my head. I WANT! In Malaysia got Nutella, but not more than 1kg. -_-

Mmmm. Dip my hand in!

Leaning tower of Venice. It was really a leaning building. >_>

The clock has 24 sections on it! Specialll.

And walk and walk.

The buildings are so near to each other that host sis said people can jump from window to window LOL.

The clock of erm, horoscopes?

The whole view.

Star Cruise! Nah, another big ship, not Star Cruise.

Some very old building.


Old. Host mama said Coca Cola here costs 18Euro HAHAHA. Really.


A very famous bridge. Torn down to be displayed..


By the way, these seagulls are very nice la. Of all birds I love them the most. I can say that they are what makes Venice beautiful! Fly around here and there flap flap flap.

They always 'rawkkk rawkkk' here and there also. Not like those ugly black birds (pigeons? yea pigeons) hop here and there on the stairs of bridges. Still cute though.

Oh, and funny thing, there was a Chinese tourist eating her dono-what, and she was like so happy, suddenly a seagull flew over her and snatched her bread LOL.

Danieli coffee shop. Famous for coffee.

Gondolas rockkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

And then took a ship (taxi) to another part of Venice. Sipe far ok. Pening kepalo.


Dono. Blurry because of the dirty window of the ship.

See the line of buildings. Venice!!

The buildings here are very colourful.


One of the taxi stations.
And then we had lunch and walk walk.

Read it - The world's most unique and rare gems, and the most exclusive Murano Glass. A mirror here costs 480Euro like that one. Craziness.

Dono still.

Ok so I agree what people say - Venice is the most beautiful place on earth. Super nice. And it's not just for couples to feel romantic and blah blah, it's nice for families too! Walk walk together, eat eat together, feel feel the peace together, it rocks!

Venice opened my eyes and let me know that the world is beautiful! Gahaha, you must come here to see for yourself! The place is super peaceful, beautiful and wonderful.

I love Venice! Must come here again some day.

Oh, and Happy Chinese New Year again. Appreciate the time to be able to be with your family & relatives!

Proverbs 4:23
Guard your heart above all else,
for it determines the course of your life.