Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Today I spend my time in school reading story books. Good thing the girl who sits beside me (whose birthday is also 10th of October XD) has lots of story books. Her dad's friend is some publisher and she said can give me so that I can do reading programme LOL.

Anyway she's kind. Made sandwiches for lunch for me on the ice-skating day. She asked me want or not before that day lar.

Today I brought the chocolates my host bought for me to school and shared with everyone. Tapi not enough so only this girl didn't get it LOL. She said she didn't mind, hope she didn't la. Best fwens won't mind right, Marty!? LOL.

Death in the Dojo and A Love for Life. Cambridge books!

The 'Death in the Dojo' made me jump around angrily. Really. The story is about some journalist trying to investigate a case of some murder case 30 years ago. Her father himself was a journalist who tried to investigate that case also, and he wanted to help to prove the one accused innocent. Ok let me do some story telling.

So recently that Karate Master got killed, and it relates back to that murder case 30 years ago. Karate Master didn't want his daughter to date some guy and tried a lot of steps to stop them from dating. And then one day someone did something to them and killed the boyfriend and shot the girl 3 times at her back, and she was on a wheelchair since then.

So recently this journalist went all around London and Tokyo to investigate this case, to find out who was the murderer, like did the Karate Master order people to kill his daughter's boyfriend, or was the accused one the true murderer? etc etc.

And you know what made me angry? The murderer isn't revealed at the very last page of the story book. Blank. Suspense. Suspense your head! Leaving me in such a suspense makes me mad ok! Stupid story book!

Chocolates rock!

And I noticed that there are different ways of eating chocolate.

Joshua (my 2nd bro) for example, eats chocolates by smelling, looking and analysing. He's the kind that enjoys chocolates to the fullest. The process goes from looking, smelling, licking, biting the piece into half, smelling again and then swallow it all.

They look...

They smell and smell and smell...

And lick...

And taste!

People like Brian (biggest bro) and me just pop the chocolates into our mouth and chomp chomp chomp until the very last piece.

Just eat it la!

And also some people who erm are normal, they bite the chocolate into half and eat and look at the other piece and then finish it. Half half.

Perfect example.


To the left to the left~




Heard that my family bought a lot of good food for Yumi. Craziness, this is the first time we spend so much for a pet I guess, apart from the hamster I got last time. All those fancy cages and blah blah are stupid!

Puppy bites!

We don't care how complicated nutrition for pets are!

Ahh. Nice.

But I was telling them don't give her the appetizer lar, later she eat a lot, then when I go back I can't see the cute Yumi already. If that happens iVan will be chaotic!

Stay small 4eva nah!
Italy is awesome!
Proverbs 10:12
Hatred stirs up quarrels,
but love makes up for all offenses.


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Ritter Sport, I love it!!!!

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Gianduiotti rox more heheh.