Sunday, January 11, 2009

To 5 Science 2.

I miss you all! Till I sendiri go find the post (click to view the post) on us having fun on the happy night for 4s2.

I must say school here is really boring for me, 'cause I don't understand Italian, which makes me fall asleep in class except during English and Maths. But it's bad to destroy Malaysia's reputation. This makes me extra really miss you all lah!

2008 was a great year, and 4s2 has contributed a lot, and 4s2 is part of my life.

My life changed since December, I'll never be able to explain how it feels like to be at a distance from Malaysia and missing family and friends, and 80% [I simply put one, didn't actually count ok.] of my great great great friends are from 4s2. Yes, I'll never be able to explain this kind of feeling, you gotta feel it yourself. Imagine being alone in another country and you can't be with your family and friends for 2 months. ALONE ok. No friends to siao. The school brings even more misery.

Looking at those photos make me think of my life here in Italy for January - wasted. I really miss you all la, if I'm a girl I oughta cry already. TEARS.

From all the fun times to the quarrelling times during Dikir, I heart you all.

I miss our jokes, our funny stories, our laughter, our everything.

For Min Ly, Ceek Wei, Wei Shyuan and Hui Hui, I'll never forget you all this year. You guys are still in our hearts, at least in my heart always.

I'd rather give up my life here already to go back now, but it's impossible. I have to pay a lot if I do that. Guess this is part of my life where I'm gonna experience suffering from missing people

I'm not good at all at writing emo stuff like this, and I'm pretty sure this is a bad post, but truly I wanna say:

I miss you all, classmates :) I really do.

[Don't get me wrong, I miss my family the most of course, but every homesick person will write about his/her family, so it's the same.]

[To other friends, of course I do miss you all.]

Proverbs 20:20
If you insult your father or mother,
you light will be snuffed out in total darkness.


HUI said...

LOLS.. Ivan... U forgot me le!!! Grrrr.

iVan Chong said...

omg LOL. got 'and' prove i rmb u nah!!