Friday, January 30, 2009


Current feeling: I WANNA GO HOME!

Oh gosh, just realised that I haven't been updating for 3 days, since the 27th. Anyway, 1week+ to go! Then I can go home liao. Syokness. I WANNA GO HOMEEEEEEEE.

I watched High School Musical 3 last night, and it was great! And I suddenly thought of writing down which songs I like the most.
Solo: Scream.
Duet: Just wanna be with you.
Group: A night to remember.

Well, they are great, but not as catchy as the songs back in High School Musical 1. The music in High School Musical 2 and 3 are very nice, but it is nicer and easier to sing the songs in the 1st movie.

And then watched The 100 Dalmations in Spanish during Spanish class today -__-.

Ah, and in school we were discussing our English test. (Gahaha I got 9/10!!) And then we were talking about stress among children, teenagers, young adults etc. So said about teenagers.

So teenagers have this stress about parents liking to compare them with older siblings / other children. Yea, we complain about it a lot, but when it comes to doing something everyone else does, such as going out on Thursday night, then we will say 'but our friends can go!?'. Well, tolerance is the key LOL jk.

Ee, host brother usually text message me in school to tell me news like he won't be going, I have to do something else like going to friend's house or going home alone, and he said each sms is 0,30 euro only! Gosh, not more than Rm1.50. Whereas when I sms him...

Yumi is really cute lar. She went to 2nd aunt's (yes Mama Teoh) house for Chinese New Year vacation. LOL, actually she just went there so that she has got people to look after her. Thanks 2nd aunt, uncle, 6th aunt, HengYan and HengYong! Heard Yumi learnt how to shake hand and sit down when people tell her to. Gahaha, some more they said her shit is cute -_-. 6th aunt wanted to bring her home to KL, my dad lalu agreed (zzzzz) but luckily 6th aunt said ''What about iVan??''.

Yumi's brother/sister.
Puppy of my mum's friend. Luckily Yumi is cuter and nicer, 'cause she has the colour. HAHHAA!! Whee. Zzz.

My dad is kelian-ing Jocky lar. Mum said Jocky got injured, maybe 'cause he was too noisy when my family went to Ipoh. Kelian.. But I said don't lock Jocky anymore lor, let him run around the whole house all the time, or else he will soon die of boredom. Poor dog.

Here's a list of what food I'm eager to I MUST EAT when I go back to KB:
1. Roti Canai. HAHAHA.
2. Fried chicken + sambal + rice. Opposite Chung Hwa primary and that Kak Wook one.
3. Tomyam!
4. Secret Recipe cheesecakes. Gosh I forgot my favourite chocolate cake's name T_T.
Added: mum said it's Chocolate Mudcake :D.
5. KFC. Fried chicken, zinger burger..
6. McDonalds. McFlurry, french fries, Chicken McDeluxe and of course Prosperity Burgerrrrrr.
7. Laksa, cowjam cowjump COWJHUM, whatever the spelling is. The shop near our school!
8. Watermelon, papaya, jambu..
9. Yakult!!
10. Fried rice + fried chicken, fried beehon + sambal. Near Kammeng tuition that one.

Here's a list of what I want/must to do when I get back to KB:
1. Visit grandma.
2. Visit Joshua in KL.
3. Enjoy the CNY party with church youth.
4. Go to school. (Oh yeah, because of friends -_-)
5. Study like mad.
6. Eat like mad.
7. DotA like mad.
8. Read storybooks like mad.
9. Take at least 30 photos with Yumi, in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garden, you name it!
10. Go out with friends more often, lke in Italy they go to the pub a lot on Saturdays. Woohoo.

Lately I've been busy reading Twilight like mad. Finished the 1st book already in 2 days including eating, sleeping, shitting, showering, school time etc etc.

Ok so I read Twilight. Great book. All books seem to be nice to me zzz.
Well it's about a vampire, Edward Cullen and a pretty girl, Isabella Swan. They like each other but he's a vampire so he can't resist himself but he can and then they paktoh and then got people, I mean vampire want to eat Isabella and then Edward's family of Vampires helped her because they have never seen Edward so happy before, but since Edward began to paktoh with Isabella, he is happy like mad. Romantic stuff, and there goes the 1st book.

I'm gonna finish all the 4 books before I go back to Malaysia! Wuahahaha. Anyway the exams are around the corner, so all the best to all of you form3 and form5 students! HAHAHA.

Vivien and cousin.

Cousins happy with ang paos -_-.

Mini nian kao. What's the point? Eat also.

Proverbs 22:24-25
Don't befriend angry people,
or associate with hot-tempered people,
or you will learn to be like them
and endanger your soul.


sheanyong said...

wei,i wanna eat la...
you list down the food!!!
all those i wanna eat but hungry for few months may be 1year after only can eat leh...aiks...i wanna eat~~post me when you back..kaka

iVan Chong said...

LOLLL. I miss all the food T_T. let's go makan when u come back!