Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

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Current feeling: I love story books!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Well I have to wish everyone now right, before everyone goes back to their hometown / parents' hometown and blah blah.

Well congratulations to the 12/24/36/48.... people who are celebrating their cowness this year. Hope the cows give us good milk as usual better milk this year. Yipi!

Me lovez milk.

And sleep.

You'll never know what Chinese New Year means to you unless you leave your family. Seriously. A lot of people were asking me what am I going to do since I'm celebrating Chinese New Year here, and they all were like ''Yer no angpau!?''.

Who cares about angpaus? Well not me. I've never cared. Our parents' money is our money what, and after a while the angpau money will be gone, what's the point?

The point is meeting your relatives once a year. It's great! Not to mention sometimes your relatives (especially younger ones) make you go mad, 'cause they are so annoying. But it's still fun la, once a year is no joke ok. The joy, the joy!

Saw Boon Siew's post on Happy Chinese New Year, and he's not happy 'cause he can't have fun in KB with friends / joining parties, oie, don't complain larh, friends can meet at least 200 days in a year already, relatives (in other states of course) a day in a year only lar! Heheheh.

So this year I don't get to sit in the car for 6 hours and going to the Cinema in Ipoh [Yea, Kelantan doesn't have even one cinema, even if there is, I guess the seats are to be seperated into two sections, male & female. Syokness.] with my family liao lor, but this is the experience liao, what to do?

Read story books lor -_-.

I've never enjoyed reading books ok. This is the first time to love story books. Some more the girl said can give them to me >_>, 'cause some of the books she have 2 copies. Syokness. Personal investigator stories rock!

Well, two weeks+ to go for me, I'm so gonna miss my friends here. Sigh.. The syokness of going to school to read story books / sing / joke all the time will soon be memories!

And then homework comes soon, so much for what the adults always say ''Enjoy your student life!''.

Have a happy Chinese New Year! :)

p/s: Can't wait to go back to hug Yumi and slam Dikir Barat! :D

Proverbs 12:16
A fool is quick-tempered,
but a wise person stays calm when insulted.


sheanyong said...

Dikir Barat~the most enjoyable scene in Chung Hwa!MISS that...huhu...enjoy your different CNY in Italy,I will try to enjoy mine in London...haha

iVan Chong said...

LOL. yea dikir barat rox! hehehe.
actually ok oso lar for me. 1st time exp mar, CNY like that lor. spend time in school reading story books only LOL. we both away from home T_T

minmay said...

a bunch of homeworks is waiting for you, Ivan!

iVan Chong said...

-___- but i enjoy more. my life is more meaningful than anyone's!! LOL. maybe..