Wednesday, January 21, 2009

World War 1?

Current feeling: I am so blessed!

Yumi 15 - Fiona 0! HAHAHA.

I will conquer all of you!

Who cares? Everyone else supports me except those blind readers.

Oh first my emo part. Today very cham.
Went ice-skating with my classmates in a far away town and then took the train to go back to the city near my place. (Just like Kubang Kerian to Kota Bharu town, but I was in the train). And then I arrived at the train station at 4.30pm lor, and my friend (who told my host brother about all the details about what time we reach blah blah) told me that my host brother will wait for me at the station at 4.30pm. Manatau I wait till 4.50pm I began to panic.

I always think for others one ok. What if he's finding me in another station? (Now I'm standing in front of the main station, the one that connects bigger cities). Should I walk there or wait? And then I saw the bus number 17, which I always take to go home. Oh seriously, I panicked. How la!? So I decided to go to the other train station, and then I still didn't see any ugly person my host brother. Panicky. So I just took the train and went home.

The end.
Craziness, when I reach home nobody was there. Siao la! Means host bro finding me meh!? So I sat outside the apartment and waited. It was cold, very cold, I can imagine how the little match girl died freezing. Kelian. Then my host's neighbour came home. So I followed her to her house lor. (No sex ok -_-) And then she also doesn't have my host's numbers, so I just wrote a note and hung the note on my host's door, and then waited in my host's neighbour's house.

After that host dad came back and I was trying my best to explain the whole situation, and it appeared that when host mum called home, we got the news that host mum and bro were waiting for me outside the station. -_- Craziness, I didn't see the time wrongly what?

Well apparently that friend gave host bro the wrong information. She told my host bro that we will arrive at 5.30pm. Added: Well apparently the truth is host bro misunderstood >_>.Urgh, whereas I arrived at 4.30pm already. Madness kills, and so do misunderstandings.

Ok then after that I'm all fine.
Oh syokness. The girl who sits beside me let me read her art book, which is in German. Well the pictures rock!

The portrait of Abraham wanting to sacrifice his son as God told him to, and an angel is trying to stop him. Erm, it was actually just a test from God to see Abraham's faithfulness.

The famous Leonardo's painting, said to be very detailed -_-.

A pig, I mean, a wolf that fed the two Rome founders. Cool!

Random guy screaming.

A king that was flirting with a girl who is his enemy (but he didn't know) and the girl seduced him to be able to kill him.

Same thing.

Oh Mona Lisa! I was wondering why is it so famous, apparently it'e because people are going crazy to find out whether the person in the picture is a man or a woman. Some more like you see behind the person, the stuff are of different heights. Some say left side one lower is men, the right side one higher is women, and blah blah. Just say she's a woman la, got cleavage what. LOL.
Woohoo, and then we celebrated host grandpa's birthday. Guess he's 80 now. And I had fun! Talking to the relatives of my host makes me miss Chinese New Year - my relatives! Now I know the true meaning of CNY, of course it's not about money (I've never bothered about the angpaus!) it's about the time I can spend with them! Once a year ok. Precious.
And then host uncle has passion for stuff...
From World War 1!! He collected them from the mountains. :D HE ROCKS!
Oh oh, procelains from the Roman Empire! 2000 years ago!!!!!!

The broken ones.

Erm, potatoes from World War 1?

Jagung and grenade!

Huge lock.

Opened by a huge key.
The shovel was shot LOL.

Heard they use that helmet to tapis pasta -_-.

Random stuff.

Random stuff.
I am amazed. Got such a collector, go sell them can earn a lot wei. Syokness. Very cool!
I am so blessed to have this opportunity to see stuff from World War 1 ok, although I'm not interested in History. >_>
I'm typing this at 11pm >_> But nevermind, there are 2 hours of German early in the morning tomorrow, which means I can catch some sleep in class. LOL.
So much from misunderstandings!
Proverbs 21:20
The wise have wealth and luxury,
but fools spend whatever they get.

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