Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yeah, was supposed to go to Austria today, but they cancelled it 'cause host dad has backache. (Urfgh LOL) So went to the mountains. It was fun! Different from the mountain I went that day.

Narrow walkpath.

Super narrow.

Super high place.

A lot of icicles.

More icicles. i actually accidentally knocked down alot of these. Who ask them to block my way -_-. All also 'krak krak krak' LOL. It was really slippery and I almost fell. But well, there's no such thing as 'too dangerous to take photos' as everytime there's a nice scenery, my host family will go like 'photo photo!!'.

Beautiful :D

NOW they know they can't go on anymore. Wuahahah.


Trees with snow are just cute, aren't they?



And then we went to a church, yea on the mountains.

Super high place. Sipe many stairs to climb. Sipe tiring. Fall down straight gg.

Apparently some guy was locked inside this cage and he built the church or something like that.

And then we went to a place nearby that has a vending machine lor. And the vending machine is like, stupid? Whole cup also chocolate, how I get the 'spoon' and stir without dirtying my hand!? But well, it tastes good, 'cause there's like a lot of sugar diao at the bottom of the cup, at the bottom of the cuppp. Some more plastic cup -_-

This is the whole thing.

And guess what the church has. It's the best news ever for Malaysians you know. Better than news of reduction of petrol price, better than having snow in Malaysia, better than being able to conceive a child AND better than 50% discounts in the malls. Guess what?

Free means at least must take 1 for every type right, no, 2!!
And the Malaysians go wild. Well not to worry, just show a 'I am a Singaporean' face. Me love Malaysia!! LOL. So I took two only, 'cause not really nice. LOL.

Then a lot of people came lor.

And then we went to a canyon.

It's a lake O_o.



More icicles!
Anyway I have a question. Why lori front screen so straight de? I mean, why are the frontscreens of lorries not as steep as frontscreens of cars?

Lorries need wind resistance also right? Hmm.

Or maybe 'cause lorries have a bigger inertia and to avoid accidents, the driver is seated nearer to the front screen so that he can estimate the distance better? Answer please?

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