Friday, January 16, 2009

3 Weeks to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Currenly listening to: Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grants and ...
Current feeling: Happy! Was worried but now I'm fine.

The red haired girl showed me this. It's her notebook. Super cool ok! I don't see Malaysians using made-in-Italy notebooks wei. Wooh!

Lately Fiona likes me a lot. Always comes into my room whenever she likes. Heard host sis said that usually host bro doesn't allow her to enter this room (the room I stay in is his room), so Fiona isn't used to this room yet. She loves to sleep on jackets wei, till the whole jacket is full of her fur.

It's really fun to play with her by putting your hand under the jacket and wham here and there. She'll go crazy biting and stuff.

Here's the demo:

But if you're exposed, prepare to bleed 'cause the claws of horror will scratch you.

Lately I miss Malaysia. I have 3 weeks to go ok, 15 days of school here is boring. Imagine wasting time not studying in school. The pain... The pain!

I miss DotA! I miss Secret Recipe! I miss family and friends and church of course!

Some more got that super cute puppy at home, who doesn't want to go home!?


Ambush phail. Please don't grow big..

Updates on Yumi:
She bites the carpet and rawr rawr rawr shakes her head left and right like super geram LOL.
Also she learned to climb the stairs, but after two steps, Brian brought her down >_>.
And she has panda eyes!!!

Temptation.. temptation... Empty your mind...

I should appreciate my time being here right, shouldn't think that I'm wasting time, or else I'll regret when I go back to KB for being so stupid to not to appreciate Italy.

Hmm, well, it's still fun chatting with family and friends over here, not much difference. But I'm afraid of the homework I have to do when I go back!

Anyway today super worried as I stated in my 'current feeling'.
Forgot to bring my wallet out and then my 'smart card' is in my wallet mar, so actually I need the smart card to be scanned to take the bus/train legally.
And then was praying like mad so that nobody will come to check our tickets.
And then really lor, nobody came to check. Whee. All the tension went off.
Added: If someone checks, I have to pay 1,20 Euro, about RM5 only, the normal ticket price. But I don't have my wallet, so if I kena I have to borrow money from host bro, that's why I'm worried.

Also today super funny. I hate to walk that long distance from the bus stop to school.
So I seriously prayed that host mum will send host bro and me to school, 'cause I'm so lazy to walk for 20 minutes. Seems impossible?
This morning host bro woke up late. Hahaha, thus too late to get the bus, so host dad sent us to school. Syokness.

Also, congratulations to the cool guy Koon Hooi who started a blog. Not sure what will come out, but welcome to the blogosphere!

Proverbs 23:9
Don't waste your breath on fools,
for they will despise the wisest advice.

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