Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bar & Restaurant.

I'm not good at reviewing food, so let's try. LOL.

At first it was so hard to order for me. It was hard for us to communicate 'cause I had dinner with host parents only. So host mum was like, you know the.. 'mek mek mek'? 'Er.. lamb? sheep?' 'Bravo!' 'Hahaha.'

So we had antipasta first. It's like the dish before the main dish. Pork with salad with vinegar..

Bread made by the restaurant. 100% niceness.

And then the dish came!!! It's composed of lamb (dono what style zzz), potato with cheese, maize and some 'Arameti' (typical Christmas food in this region, quite nice).

The lamb ... was really good. REALLY good. Salty enough for me. The maize I don't like, eat till half only (heheh, you know la, imagine eating 5 box of potato wedges) and then finished potato and the Arameti. Host said 40 years ago, poor people around this region ate maize everyday. Eew?

The food I had:

And then their mineral water comes in glass bottle leh. Like wine. And then I found out there's a bear behind the sticker of the bottle. Sipe kawaii!!


It's like for those campaigns and stuff one.
Didn't finish maize lor. Maize tak boleh, dessert? Confirm can. So dessert came.

Chocolate cream + typical region Biscuit with caramel + wafer + cherry.

Host dad had apple strudel.

P/s:I know this post isn't any good, just to show you guys the food.

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