Friday, January 9, 2009

Most Embarassing Day.

First of all, a video on Fiona. She jumps into the box like siao leh, I carry her out, she jumps in again. Host mom said ''She loves boxes very much.'' ''LOL!''

Sorry, it's too dark, but no worries, there will be a video again next post!

Ohhhhhhhhh. Today is the most embarassing day of my life! Usually I'm supposed to wake up at 6.20am like that ok, but today I 'somehow' pressed the OK button (whatever lah) on my handphone and slept till 7am, till host bro came in and ''Ready?'' And then ''You ready?'' is usually said by my host bro when we have to go out already. And then I still don't know leh. Wake up blurly and look at handphone, ''OMG 7am. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!'' How, what if host bro got exam? I make him late? Or what? Or follow host mum, go to school by car? How!?

It was even worse last night. Fell asleep at 8pm, had dinner and then 11pm cannot fall asleep -_-. But after that, 2am woke up, 4am, 5.40am and finally 7am! I'm wondering whether should I put my handphone at a distance so that I have to wake up and walk to off the alarm? But same la, if sleepy sure sleep again. Haiz. I'm such a lazy ass. Last night also told them I hate school, but guess what host mom said? ''Nevermind, got a lot of chicks!'' She was joking of course.

Some more the worse part is, I got no one to blame leh. LOL. Cannot blame anyone what, or say ''Cause you all asked me to play cards with you guys last night!! ARGH!!'' So can't blame anyone, what to do? I wanna evaporate!!

So I brushed my teeth, pee and then sit on bed and emo for 10 minutes thinking ''WHY!??''. First time no shower on school days ok. So heard host bro wake host mum up and then donno why WHOLE FAMILY wake up. So host mum sent us to school and sis to work. I kept on saying sorry, but didn't say enough loh. But I can't do anything also, takkan tell them ''Please dont hate me, please forgive me I'm really sorry, punish me, hit me, bite me, make me wash all the dishes everyday, make me smell Fiona's ass, amke me eat snow, castrate me, make me eat cockroaches, make me get all As in SPM.'' Of course cannot right? No need to be that serious ma. But I really wished they could just forgive me LOL, after all, I'm cute what. LOL jk.

And then in class super sien lo. Today's lessons: German English Latin Science Italian Spanish. Imagine the boredom. Slept during Latin and Italian 'cause they had to do some classwork and nobody has got time to chat with me. Imagine la having to study Chinese Literature in school for 5 periods. You don't understand everything, but you can't sleep, and it's like the teacher tells you ''It's ok, listen and read, one day you'll understand :)'' URFGH! I was free till I can plan today's post ok.

I wanted to sleep for the whole day, but I can't ok. Have to give them good impression on Malaysians, but I already give them the impression that all Malaysians are cute what, takkan I can't sleep? LOL joking. This month is going to be crazy for me. Staying in class doing nothing. Argh! Except food and travelling of course.

Oh by the way, I gained weight!!! But the weighing scale dono can trust or not la. 'Cause yesterday.

*Steps on digital weighing scale*

52.3kg. OMG? I at first 55kg eh. Wrong wrong.
55.2kg. What? No changes?
57.7kg. YEAH!!! 2.7kg!! Wait, maybe wrong nih?
56.2kg. LOL, wrong!! MOAR!!!
57.0kg. ...
57.0kg. Ok. 57kg.

I'm heavier than you, Brian Chong!

Just now went to weigh again, I'm 57kg!! Host bro said he gained 8kg when he was in Australia for student exchange. I want 10kg!!!!!!!!!

Proverbs 12:1
To learn, you must love discipline;
it is stupid to hate correction.


wen pink said...

Hahhahah!! don be late anymore!!! bad boi!

iVan Chong said...

haha. can't help :( i luv to sleep!!!!!!!!!!!

meggie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, & leaving me a comment.
Good luck with your studies!

iVan Chong said...

Welcome :)
you rock!