Friday, January 2, 2009


Whee~ Just got this photo from host bro friend.

We watch a lot of cartoons that show us snowman and blah about snow. So fun right? Well, it is fun! Ok, let me teach you how to make a snowman. LOL.

1. First, get a pair of good gloves. Good in the sense that it's cute.

Sigh, single eye lid.
Warning: I don't hold responsibility on your nostrils sizes.
2. Find a snowfield.
Well, the snow here isn't really good already. It's becoming abit too hard like ice. Last night's snow was awesome though.

3. Grab snow.

4. Use both of your hands to compress the snow together. Yes, compress till it's super hard, like a metal ball.

5. Compress more and more and make it a big ball.

6. Make another snowball smaller than the previous one. Attach them together.

7. Add ears (not necessary), hands (sticks are the best), a mouth (use sticks) and buttons for the stomach.

Well I used beer caps here, but there were little red beads growing on the plants. But no, I didn't pluck them. The sticks and the leaves are also fallen ones. If I were to pluck them from the trees, my parents will send me a slap all the way from Malaysia.

Yes, my snowman has ears, and I don't have a problem with that!

8. Add eyes. I used leaves 'cause I have nothing better. So creative, right? I know my parents are like, so proud of me. Mm. LOL.

So 'ke ai' right!? Tell me it's not cute and I will hate you for disliking something so beautiful. [LOL just joking.] Anyway, it's not scary la. The mouth nice what, like mine. Sipe kawaii.

For those who think that my snowman is ugly 'cause it has ears, look at this:


So snowMEN should have ears. Sibeh cute lor. Now my snowman is standing proud in the snowfield (host's house's garden) without buttons on his belly. Oh by the way my snowman doesn't have a nose. It's not important though. Heheh. Summore if it has a nose, it will get runny nose lor. So cold, later got flu got everything. Not really suitable. Makes me remember of my kindergarten lessons.
Teacher: Eyes for what?
Children: Seeing!
Teacher: Ears for what?
Children: Hearing!
Teacher: Nose for what?
Ivan shouts: Running nose!!!

Anyway, this guide isn't good lah. Just for fun. Build any snowman you want. You can add a tail also.

If I can, I will make a 1 meter tall one. Hope I can do it!


HUI said...

It looks like a funny ET... =.=''

iVan Chong said...

kawaii nehs!