Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Eve.

K before that I wanna show you guys another supermarket.

Sipe hiao lo, just 1kg or 2kg. Rice!

Cheese! I took picture of half of the whole place only.

See the clouds? Snow or rain? Snow please! (Sorry wrong picture, didn't get the picture of the clouds.

And then we took the train to the city and walked a distance. Had Kebap.
Sipe nice lor. Like a burger, got bread, meat, vegetables, yoghurt / mayonnaise, garlic and onion.
And guess what? The meat machine!!!

And then he uses the scrapper (At the right bottom side of the pic) to scrap meat. Awesome!

And then host bro said the place we're going is the communists' hideout, last time of course. He also said below this city is the ancient roman empire. Must visit, 'cause it's a museum now apparently.

So I got really bored from 6pm till 11pm. Sit, eat, drink. Don't worry, I take an hour to finish a cup of wine here daddy mummy. They summore Yeo's campur for me leh. So I drank about 6 cups maybe.

Wine + orange juice.

Wine + Cola + Gassed water (got lemon taste).

And then continued to drink eat and run around. The worst thing is only 2 of us there don't smoke, some more I feel suffocated when I'm around 2nd hand smoke, 3rd hand smoke and many-hands smoke. What to do? Go out lo. And some people very good, don't look at smokers as though all of them suck. These people went out to smoke leh, because my host bro told them I can't tahan smoke. But in the first place they already smoked inside, so I also go out with them -_-. People smoke outside so that I can stay inside but I can't leh, inside already got. But nevermind lor, fun what. LOL. Smell so much smoke already, my life might be shorten already, so show me more love! Also my shirts smell. Also I saw a guy who has a short colour pencil as earring.

And then hor, got one couple at first kiss outside. Kiss for like, 10 seconds? And then they went into the toilet for 20 minutes like that. Maybe they pee together? Or make up? Don't know, but confirm gg! But the girl leng till I fell to my knees and cried. LOL jk.
And then at 10.30pm like that, they wanted to change place to another guy's house. So we took the bus and walked for 15 minutes. I made a snowball on the way there, 'cause snow was already falling. Very soft snow, the snow > sand of whatever beach that's soft and 'you4'. So I did it bare-handed. Sipe cold. What to do? Blogger what. LOL.

Anyway, here worse than that toilet people. I went to pee and the door could not be locked, so I just pee lor. Manacai one couple come in and wait for me to finish peeing and then don't know do what again.

When we reached, it was horrible. People dance and dance and dance. [Of course they were drunk, if not how to dance like siao?] Music to the max, drunk girls being taken advantages by boys and everyone is smoking in the house. Except 2 people.

The whole place is dirty. But fun mar, party what.

People who are drunk never admit that they are drunk. People who are drunk become honest and they talk rubbish -_-.

Ok so it snowed! Yes, first time see snow falling lai liao. Wish came true. I was the only one crazy running here and there using tongue to catch snow. Really fun though. And take pictures like mad to get a nice one. Treasure these pictures please! Put as desktop background also can!!

It snew snowed a lot. Really a lot.

Lucky me got this photo. Iceberg! Zoomed de la.

Scrap the snow from people's car to make snowballs.

Snowball! Snowball very good lo, got many uses. More uses than a cow. Can throw at people, make snow castle, make snowman, make mini snowman and lots more.

And then we had a snowball fight. Throw here throw there, host bro purposely throw strangers some more. Siao one, but fun mar.

Mini snowman! I'm lazy to use Paint to draw eyes and nose and mouth.

Both alos my handprints! Muahaha.

Sabo people's car. Muahaha!

Step and round around like a mad cow. It's no more footprints on the sand, snow also can what. And then I saw two rabbits at the roundabout centre garden!!! They said got 3, but I saw 2. Sipe cute! Run around like mad rabbits, and they are black in colour!!! Fiona is still cuter anyway.

New Year is so grand in Italy. It's like the party time out of any date of the year. They get drunk and then luan lai lor. But they don't know the feeling also, when people are drunk they don't know anything right? Then why they want to declare 'I'm not a virgin!! Hooray!!'. Hmm, nevermind lah, their problem.

A blogger's life is not easy too wei, you have to take pictures until people think that Asians enjoy the sceneries through cameras. How sad. Anyway I didn't post any photos of myself with the snow here. But got la, not nice only. Of course I know I'm not handsome, 'cause if I am, I don't have to sit here and blog already.

But well, I've gained the experience of how people celebrate New Year here. But I still miss the way I celebrate. Play dota and then shout Happy New Year in da house.

Happy New year, cheers! =)

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