Wednesday, December 31, 2008

♥Kiss 2008 Goodbye!♥

The ♥s are just for fun. I'm not girlish.
2008... It's going soon.

1. I can't believe I'm going to be Form5. Hello!? I'm still childish and playful like mad. How to be Form5? SPM of course no need to say, everyone must face it, but being Form5 is hard 'cause it's the last year for you to be in Secondary School, and you're like the tailou batch [Don't care aout Form6] and I'm happy. Cepat SPM la, people want nice hair like lions. Anyway, I stay here until February, I go back must study like siao leh. Must win my 2 brothers that didn't score straight A1s. You two wait, I prove to you all that I can score straight As!!! [Yala straight As only, not all A1 leh. Sejarah die one.] Well maybe not -_-.

2. 2008 has been a great year. Not really emo times, most of them are fun times. For your information, I'm very close to my family. I'm not the 100% dependant on friends type, so I'm happy all the while. This year is also the year where all of us got closer together [I mean family relationship.] and spend more time with each other. Mum even learn how to use MSN and email and FW here and FW there lo. Dad also learn 'cause he wants to chat with me here. No problem for him of course. It's ♥ babeh!

3. 2008 August is the time I first started blogging. Mm. Must remember. August 23. More important than October 10 ok. Well not really more important than MY birthday. nahaha. 2008 is the year everyone misses me alot. Family, relatives, church friends, friends. [Not in order ok, some of you there miss me alot.] I miss all of you too!

4. 2008 is a year where I found a lot of good friends. I mean a lot. [Thanks to Sim for correcting me ♥] From those whom I've quarreled with before to new friends, I must say I got closer to them already. It's good, yeah it's good to have more friends and good friends. Science 2 is the best lalalalalalala.

5. 2008 is the first year I have Vivien crying for me 'cause I'm here. HAHA. And Joshua gave her a strange look. 'You cry what cry har? Me and korkor go so long u never cry, Slap you nuh.' [LOL just joking about slapping.]

6. 2008 is a great year, but we should look forward, not look back, no matter how good it was or how bad it was. Look forward and step forward! By the way, need I remind you to not send messages on 09.09.2009 and say ''OMG TODAY IS 09.09.09 ONCE IN A LIFETIME!! SEND THIS MESSAGE TO 10 FRIENDS OR ELSE TOMORROW YOUR CAT WILL BE RAPED BY A SKINLESS GIRL!!'' 'Cause it's happening on 10.10.2010, 11.11.2011 and 12.12.2012 leh. No need de lah. 10.10.2010 can do loh, so nice de date plus it's my birthday. Parties anyone? =D


Thus my last post of 2008. Happy new year! May you have a fruitful year ahead.

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