Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

So it's Christmas! Went to host oma's [grandma in German I think..] house to hiao have fun. In my place, Christmas means gifts. Gifts for everyone. For the kids, toys. For the youngsters, clothes. For the adults, beer or wine. Tradition, eh?

Christmas decorations in most houses.

It's always about meat [PORK] here.

With bread. The black bread in the picture is the typical bread in oma's area, which is near Austria and Switzerland.

Oma rocks! [Don't know if I have permission to post her photo or not, but well... I wanna share what I love! LOL.] She makes me feel so welcomed.

More meat that she prepared, including pork and deer meat. Cold meat, of course, cooked.

Oma gave me this :). Chocolates.

She has a super old piano. You have to step on those two things repeatedly one by one, to pump air so that the piano can have sounds. So basically this old piano helps you to enjoy music while exercising. Not bad.

She cooked alot of dishes. [Well, Italian style.] From omelette with soup and lasagna-like food [forgot the name] to rice with pork, salad, potato and blah blah. It's my first Chinese food I had here. RICE AND PORK with those gravy. OOOOH. Can compete with KB restaurants leh. Pro oma.
The cows oma rears: [FOR MEAT.]
not them lol. LOL. They are Michael and Verena. Host sis bf and host sis. Michael is a very funny guy and Verena LOLs quite frequently. Very fun family!
The cows:
It's obviously edited. So that the faces are abit more obvious. Haha.

The present I got from host family. It's a long sleeve shirt with stripes. Forgot to upload the photo of the shirt, lazy already. Haha.
At home, I wear like this: The grey 'thing' is my long johns, and the white and green 'thing' is my shirt. So I'm like a monster with 4 parts of hand. -_-.
Merry Christmas everyone! =)
Anyway, 2008 is coming to an end. Have 2008 regrets? Have things you did well in 2008? Think about it, you'll get better each and every year!

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