Monday, December 15, 2008


Dubai airport sure has beautiful views.

Before going to Italy, I met the kawaii version of Ong Poh Poh. But hey, our Poh Poh not bad also mar noh. LOL.

First Christmas tree I saw in Italy, hotel.

Anus washing in the toilet is different in Italy (mostly hotels).

First emo pic due to the ice-cold weather.

First dish in hotel.

First dish in hotel with kawaii beast.

Soda, smelly tasteless but got smelly taste carbonated water. Alkaline.

Devil-like friend who's really good at acting!

2nd dish: Chicken and potato. I know I look stupid here.

Uber salty salad which is with the 2nd dish. Guess it's too not fresh, that's why they salted it.

3rd dish: Pudding made with egg, plus caramel.

What Italian cups can do:

And this: Notice the eyes and the mouth!
The board in the railway station is really special here. They don't use digital screens, but they change the words by pieces, until the word is formed.
Random building:

Trees in the river are still alive.
There's alot of problem blogging here. The keyboard is different and everytime I upload 5 pictures, all the phrases get seperated by few Enters.
So due to my tiredness, I'll stop here.
But I think I have my perfect host family here. Everyone's good. Everything's perfect. I must say that I've gotten the best host family I can ever get.

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