Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Dad: Be careful when you're in Italy. My friend said that there are lots of gypsies there.
iVan: Huh?
Dad: Gypsies are people like old women bringing children with them, acting cute like they are so poor, they have no food, they have no life. Then they will beg you for money and then when you open your zip wallet, they'll snatch your things and then run away.
iVan: LOL. *How la. I always pity those old women, especially those with doggy face sad faces.*

So what are they supposed to be like?

Is it like this?

The cat is the one reflected in the glass ball. Hmph, think you can con me with a cat?

Or like this?

Grandma: Poor us, no food to eat.
iVan: You go die pls. [Quote by Josephine Lim, Brian Chong's girlfriend.] Eat your bunny and go away.

Seriously, I can't imagine seeing people wearing like a beggar and run around naked tell you they need your pity.

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