Saturday, December 20, 2008


In Italy, it was my first time to be asked these questions.

I have my first Christmas card with an elephant on it. Buon Natale means Merry Christmas.

I have my first sexy poster in my room. It's my host brother's actually. LOL.

I had my first welcome with a big poster. It was pasted outside the class and I entered the wrong class. To repeat, my host brother and the teacher in the so called 'wrong class I entered' didn't know. Anyway I told them 'Selamat Jalan' is for farewell -_-.

Arre, Borriquito which means go donkey go. I don't know why, but I can't copy the code of the whole youtube video here. This comp is really different. The keyboard is totally different too.

So yes, this was my first Spanish song other than Feliz Navidad [Feliz Navidad doesn't count coz I don't even know all the lyrics!] You can imagine me o_O-ing when this song is played, but all of us didn't know the song. Then only everyone sang happily.

By the way, this is my room. My first sunset orange sunset yellow blanky!

Well, I have my first times of:
1. Meeting kawaii version of Ong Poh Poh.
2. Wearing jeans and casual shirts to school. [It's my first time to wear jeans also F.Y.I.]
3. Calling other people 'mama'.
4. Er.. 'papa'.
5. Eating a whole pizza. Best-pizza-ever.
6. Meeting someone whose face is like Avril Lavigne, but more beautiful than Avril Lavigne!
7. Using the train to go home from school.
8. Asking people who are virgins in the class. [I asked because they asked me first ok, I'm not like a pervert who suddenly asks 'Hey you have sex b4??']
9. Speaking Italian, duh.
10. Seeing snow. Have yet to see snow FALLING.
11. Bathing twice daily for the sake of getting warmth.
12. Having the best lasagna ever.
13. Having the best mushroom soup ever.
14. Seeing a bone-eating cat. And also a cat who sneezes for 6 times continuously!
15. Seeing soft persimmons.
16. Seeing a pizza this huge. The radius of the pizza is slightly longer than a fork.
3 pieces of these are equivalent to Malaysia's Pizza Hut pizzas.

17.A disc which is blue at the bottom of it.
18. Celebrating Christmas, new year and Chinese New Year away from home / family.
19. Seeing a huge touch-screen computer in the media technology shopping complex.
20. Alot of adults buying PS2 ORIGINAL cds, usually for 10£ each. not like Kota Bharu, Lima Ringgit one cd also can.
21. Entering the wrong class and sit for 3 hours and everyone doesn't know.
22. Knowing that Omani Riyal is the biggest currency in the world. Checked from internet, 1 Omani Riyal = Rm9.0195. Woah! I've always thought that British Pound is the biggest. Hmm.
23. Entering a Catholic Church and everyone speaks Italian there.
24. Loading 3minutes Youtube videos in 10 seconds in Italy. HOW COOL IS THAT!?
25. Seeing THIS much snow, in the mountains.

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