Sunday, December 28, 2008



Lately I've been reading the blogs of Kenny Sia and Xia Xue, and also my previous posts since August 2008. The more I read all my previous posts the more I feel 'Why last time my writing like this ar? So sucky and funny, but still can get 4k hits already now. *happy happy* Why is their blogging so good!? Well, I know I won't be as good as them, but I still wanna blog!

1. Xia Xue is a full-time blogger. Kenny Sia and Xia Xue both have the talent to blog. I don't have. Yes seriously.

2. Xia Xue and Kenny Sia are in the outside world. They write all kinds of things like politics and adult things and blah blah blah. Whereas I don't even touch the newspaper -_-.

3. Xia Xue uses alot of vulgars, which is.. interesting? (I'm not criticising her ok.) Well, I don't. Hahah.

4. They both use photoshop, I don't.

Ok nevermind. I'll just try my best -_-, just like everyone out there. And I'm not going to dream ofhaving 10000 readers per day. I want to know every single reader of my blog! I'm not bragging, but seriously, I hope my readers are my family and friends. Then I don't have to speak on big big issues like about the world and money and blah to get attention.

Anyway my blog just hit 4k readers already! Woohoo! Thanks to all of you! (And no, I'm not a freak that refreshes his own page until the number of visitors hit 4000.)

Just received an email from Ceek Jeon with the title 'Some Security Tips.'

Most of them are stupid and irrational. The most stupid one is this:

2. If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse,
Toss it away from you....
chances are that he is more interested
in your wallet and/or purse than you,
and he will go for the wallet/purse.

Ok, if you throw your wallet away, well chances are:
1. He gets VERY angry and stab you / shoot you and then he gets the wallet. Yes. Dota players know this very well. When your enemy denies your kill, you'll get really mad and start scolding vulgars. (I don't scold vulgars -_-) Or when your enemy denies your tower, you will scream.
2. He runs to the wallet while shooting you.
3. He runs to get your wallet and he disappears.

See, any chance also confirm you cry. So the best way is to.. Give the robber the wallet.
Right? At first people just want your money, nobody wants to hurt you, and then you do such debe things, people straight away think of stabbing you what. Think of it, how many of you want to stab your friends when they make you really angry? Everyone wants to!

Also, what if some robber reads all of these 'tips' and he knows all the counters!? This point number 2 is SO irrational! If we measure with the scale of 10, it's 10/10 irrationality! It's like trying to escape from a tiger by throwing meat to the other direction. (Ok, it's a bad example LOL.) So anyway it's just so not right right? It's like doubling the chance of getting killed. Just give the robber your wallet and everything will be alright. (Everything = your life.)

Ya giving your wallet is the best way. You throw also he might get + shoot you. So give! Be generous! Give give! Anyway today it's ice skating day! Sibeh syok and cute lah. Hope can fall down. Long time ady no fall down. LOL. Pictures will be updated later =).

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