Monday, December 15, 2008


Added:Now I can face the fact that snow is just stupid ice falling from the sky like rain. But I have not seen snow falling yet. Eager!
Hello! To family: I'm very fine and healthy here. Ate one whole pizze last night [Very nice ham and mushroom pizza] and defecate everyday [It's a pain in the ass to wash my butt, coz the water is so cold]. The students in my class even made a big poster saying 'WELCOME!', but I entered the wrong class (the teachers didn't even know!) And finally after that, I went to my correct class. There are 18 girls and 1 boy (not including me) and everything went fine. Everyone is humorous and I'm feeling lucky! With 18 girls to choose! LOL. They have classes like Spanish, French, German, Latin, Inglese. Of course this is for the linguistic [language] class, and I'm in it T,T. Anyway, I noticed that Italians use comma [,] for price tags. Like 5,00 Euro for a pizza.
Well, it looks like this at 5pm.

To friends: Lenglui got alot, lengcai oso got. Lengcai appeared the day Ivan went to that school. LOL just joking. There's a girl who looks like Avril Lavigne and there sure are alot of pretty girls. One called me lengcai, others said I'm funny. Hmph. Haha. They said it, I didn't!
One of the leng luis:

Anyway, my pictures are really scattered, so my pictures here are kinda in a mess.
This was a game we played during the orientation. We had to pass the ball using our necks. And the volunteer shouted 'WATCH OUT YOUR BREASTS!' and everyone LOL-ed. Anyway, the volunteer seems happy to watch. haha.

The REAL christmas tree in my house. I mean, host's house. And by real, I mean the tree is not plastic or glass or something. It's a tree! A real--sexy-Christmas-tree!
This is the pic of the tree with my face. Of course this looks better, but I showed that one without me first because the best is always kept for the last, right?

And this is the heater. Of course they have a fire place too.

Sign of freezing balls.
Well what should I say. I don't regret choosing Italy and I love this family.
Ok, so I do attend school here.

What will I do if I stay alone all day long? Being an exchange student means I will be a part of Italy [which means I am half an Italian when I come, as said by the volunteers all the time.] I can sit here all day long chatting on MSN and learn nothing about life in Italy. So school rocks.

So those people who say ''OMG YOU GO TO SCHOOL WHEN ON STUDENT EXCHANGE? HAHA YOU STUPID ASS!''. Well, I think it's perfecto to go to school here!

Anyway, there's nothing to cry for me Vivien. I'll still come back in one piece!


Wen said...

OMG who are these ppl who laughed at u going to school in Italy?!?! This shocked me a bit coz going to school is part of the student exchange program!?!?!?!?!?!!!! O.o" SWEAT!
You should be laughing back at them for not knowing this.. zzz!

iVan said...

coz the Lions Club's student xchange program is like you dunt have to go to school de. LOL.