Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2nd day in Scuola.

Lots of things happened.

1. I begin to realise that most Italian girls in High School here smoke. Unlike in Malaysia, people who smoke are BAD people as we know. But there are smokers who are nice people too.

2. They are WAY TOO OPEN.
'Are you a virgin? Erm.. She asks if she can have sex with you..'
'Why not? Sex is the most important thing in life!'
'That's why I don't wanna waste it on her! LOL'

Well they joke alot, like me. But Florence, they don't ask me about my race. I-AM-NOT-BLACKIE!

3. Italians are really erm.. close. Girls kiss each other all the time. And there is this girl who purposely wanna come near me and I just purposely avoid her LOL. Or maybe they purposely do it to draw my attention.. Hmm.. Never knew I could be so attractive. Who knows? LOL.

4. Italians are REALLY, REALLY honest. Many said I'm cute. Others who didn't say were shy.

5. Italians eat ALOT. Yes ALOT! Even girls eat as much as boys do. They order a pizza and swallow munch on the whole piece without cutting it. Nah, just joking about the 'without cutting it.' They eat alot. Yeah. You know what? They eat alot. Yea really, they eat alot.

6. Italian youngsters girls sing alot. Whenever it comes to a word which is part of a song's lyrics, they start singing. Well, same as Kota Bharu, but they sing much better. That's why I can fit in more better. LOL. Joking-lah.


Anonymous said...

yo ivan! Happy there?
eat more pizza and everyone can't recognize you when you're back~

Florence said...

eh to 'satisfy' u, i'm gonna leave my comments here then... I'm kinda used to commenting on ur chat box actually~ LOL

so nice lah, i was mentioned in ur blog n crabby's blog...
super proud now... haha

anywayyyyyyyyy, make sure u dun falter oOo, wait the girl keep insisting on taking away ur virginity.. LOL can't imagine how you reacted to them..

iVan said...

HAHA. so nice. falter is?

wkee said...

4. Italians are REALLY, REALLY honest. Many said I'm cute. Others who didn't say were shy.

ivan, u knw tht... they said so bcz they hvnt seen any asian before, those didnt say so is bcz they thought u're just a lousy asian comparing to jay chou or rain, so they didnt wanna hurt you, LMAO!!!!

iVan said...

jay chou is NOT cute ok -_-.

wkee said...

some say he is

iVan said...

some say jay chou is cute, many say i am cute. hmph. LOL.