Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I'm going this Friday. T,T :)
Terrified by the phrase my friend told me "Your host mama gonna rape you.". LOL.
1. Humongous luggage: Tissues (you know.. Sinus and allergy and winter..) and Curry. Gonna teach host mama family how to cook curry.

2. Gay purple socks. Don't know whether I'm going to wear them or not. Can cover them mah. Can tickle people!

1. Pity others, they might bite attack.
2. Let other people help you, they might rape snatch.
3. Stare at people 's butts.
4. LOL alone in the public.
5. Smell others like you smell your dog.

1. Smile.
2. Be friendly. Take the initiative to touch talk.
3. Be open.
4. Treat your host family like your family, which means I can bombard them with jokes must er.. respect..
5. Take this experience fun-ly.

I'm going to be emo once I reach there. Homesick, schoolsick, friendssick, you name it.
But well, might as well look at it as life's normal experience. Can't take it too lightly, can't take it too seriously.
As Ivan, you know I can figure out all sorts of problems. Worried.

1. School uniform is Casual type. Jeans + T-Shirts. Ok, no problem, but all the long johns my aunt got me are long-sleeved. Luckily I got 3 long-sleeved t-shirts, but one is like a tiger's suit. I'm certainly NOT going to wear formal clothes with all those ties + collars. IM GOING TO MY DREAM SCHOOL. But the clothes.. Well nevermind, Asian people are special in every way. LOL.

2. Money. I'm not good at keeping money. Believe me, I bring my wallet out in 1% times I go out of my house (excluding school). I'm going to bring the amount of money an overseas traveller would bring. HOW!?

But I believe everything's gonna be alright.
Before I forget, friends who can attend Christmas night please come to my church.
25th December 2008, FAOG (Jalan Hamzah, same lane with Muhibah, next to the old V-Home, 2nd floor). There's gonna be food (most important right) and presentations.

Miss ya' all!

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