Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Childhood. love.

You know hor, lately I see alot of people colour their text like it's very cute. It takes lots of effort and it's not nice.

I recall what my mother always tease me about: Inviting only this girl to my party.

Ok, since I shouldn't reveal people's name and destroying their image [I'm destroying MY image!], I shall name her Hui Hui. Ok, so her name is Hui Hui. LOL. [Hui Hui, don't worry, I won't pose pictures of you.] [I LOL because her real name is Hui Hui ok. LOL.]

That day, I invited Hui Hui to my 'birthday party'. When she arrived, she wore like a princess. That kinda children gown. Not bad, but guess what? There wasn't any party. Hahahah. Ivan simply phoned his only friend [that year] and invited her to come for his 'birthday party'. So she ended up having dinner with my family. Got present some more leh. So nice.

Probably when I was young I always wanted surprises and presents and parties. Mum even said 'Last time you said you want to have birthday party everyday wor. Then I buy cake everyday and then sing Happy Birthday to you and then you get happy.' It could be the reason I went mad and called Hui Hui to come. She was alone I remember. Some more ah, when I phoned her, her mum answered. And I even ran out of the house to check my house address. LOL. So clever!

Mummy asked to add:
My mum's friend who works in Public Bank Tanah Merah told my mum: Eh Joyce, you know ah, my niece attended a strange birthday party. She was the only one invited and she had dinner with that family. [Blush.] LOL. Pai seh leh.

So I surprised my family when everyone was having normal dinner and suddenly some princess stands outside our gate. o_O.

Parties are fun when you're young. One time I was going to have my birthday party.

First day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people coming? [In Hakka of course.]
iVan: 10.

Second day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people ah?
iVan: 20+

Third day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people ah?
iVan: er 40?
Grandma panicks. LOL.

So it's kinda cute right!!! [Say yes, I don't care! Must say yes!!!] LOL.

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