Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Eat-to-Live Trip.

Ah. Finally, I got my 35 pictures uploaded.
Well, this trip rocks babeh, all teh food and fun.
But, I had allergy all the time. Not sure about the cause.

Day 1 :

ActingNothing to do in the car, but very happy orhs ! haha.

This is the shop we visit every year during Chinese New Year. Fishboles.

Rm12 for 3. Justin, you'll get one of this !

Ain't the house popo a beauty? ^^

Forced her to act cute. Managed to make ah ma popo cute XD.

And so, we came to eat Tauge Chicken Kuey Tiao Tng. (Yes, Penang people spell TNG this way)

Delicious ?

Not really. The shop we wanted to go was not open.
''Bonefull'' chickens.

Day 2 :

Char Siew Pau. Again, the shop we wanted to go - FU SHAN was not open. No more really nice dim sums T_T.

LOLOL ! Rm5 wei. Mum and Dad was so *high* to see this. ''Boleh sapu manyak manyak hor''.

Everyone on the street was asking how much was it LOL. IM FLYING !

Beauty and the ...

Chatter Cham in Chatter Kopitiam in Jusco in Ipoh. Combination of coffee and tea ^^.

New bottle for Ivan, finally.

Peanut Butter thick toast. *Honey*

Cute cartoon i read in car.

Cute little cousin. She laughs alone without any reason -_-!!!
Notice my rudolph's nose.

Not much changes.. Still cute anyway =).

Day 3:

*Feel so welcomed*.

Tea plantation.

Nice? Observe.


AGAIN. They ruin my brunch. Evil pesky little flies.

Imagine strawberries plucking themselves up LOL.

Now this makes sense.

My favourite candy. Mentos Yoghurt.
Maybe this was the cause of my uber allergy. Or maybe it was car dust.

This is only 1/4 of the tissues i used..

And so, we went to the pharmacy.

Delicacy Tasty Foot LOL. EAT IT !

Who would they expect to buy these -_-.

Beautiful, beautiful 2cm plastic plants.

Fresh. No flies in the car ftw.

He's a part of my life already. zzz.

Home sweet home ^^. Look at her kakak of the year's face. *shocked*

Thanks to them, I can enjoy this trip ^^.

Well, this trip was fun. But couldn't stand those allergies.
You know, those tissues and medication, even on dining table / restaurant.
It's so annoying, so please, pray for my allergy =)
Food and grandparents, I've got it all.
Love Love Love. Life is great ^^.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Deng deng, the Horrible Chinese Singer.
Just take a look at her sweet gestures and singing -__-!!

Title : I Want A Fat Babe.
(Parody of I Want It That Way) If you take time to watch this video, you'll find that it's seriously funny =P. read the lyrics !

Lyrics :

Your ass is wider, than a bus tyre
Of you, I'm not afraid, I want a fat babe
Eat me, a whole pound of steak, finish your whole plate
It's okay, that I want a fat babe

Biggie fries, with a 64oz milkshake
Super size, every step is like an earthquake
You're so wide, queen of eat all you can eat buffet
I want a fat babe

Thin girls, are starving
For what, we're carving
What they say, has no weight
Cause I want A FAT BABE

Cherry pie, you got that extra cushion
Thunder thighs, much better for the push ons
Slip and slide, next to you I'm always in the shade
I want a fat babe

Magazines and the movie screens, say thin is the way to be, yeah~
But you can't get some the distance, without some resistance
Cause deep down inside of me

Your ass, is wider
Than a church choir
Eat more(eat more, eat more ,eat more)

I wanna hear you
Say your having some shake and bake
Micro heating is always to make (don't want a skinny bitch)
Allen mac beal, she''s who i hate,
I want a fat babe,
Tell me whyyyyyyy, you're dieting to lose weight
That's not right, tai bo took away your extra pounds,
I want a fat babe.


Canon Rock

Ooh, another great song.
Anyway Joshua was the one who introduced me this song.
I like the part where the song goes minor (sad).
Hopy u enjoy this song as much as I do =)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Salut D' Amour

This song is entitled :
Salut D' Amour (which means ''Hi Love'')
It's actually imitated by Rainie Yang in her song ''Qing Ju'' (Celebrate)
And I'm playing this song on teh piano.
A very beautiful song =) Hope u enjoy it.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Time Has Come !

Ah. 23 August 2008. iVan's first blogging day !!!
Well just to list some of the people i miss :

-brian BRINA CHONG !!! *colgate*

Omg i miss him soo much. those days after pmr where i ''ponteng" school i was like *dotaing* everyday everyminute everytime. (mum actually allowed me to do so. u know y? coz i wanted to BUILD UP SOME RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM) so much of memories =(

- featuring popo a.k.a. grandma.

She rox man. cute too.
1. she screams at u in hakka language haha.
Especially at my sis who always refuse to do homework but watch tv with popo.
Her screaming rox babeh, the whole of kubang kerian can tremble =P
2. when i was young, i slept with her
woo, the best part.
a) when u can't sleep, hold her hand.
b) when u wake up in the midnight, hold her hand.
c) when u feel scared anytime, hold her hand. =)
conclusion : a great grandmother i have :) the sad thing is, she's living with my cousins in ipoh now. miss her so. T_T

- grandpa

He rox even moar. he ROARS at u and well... waves his hand to smack u down da floor.
anyway, i miss his cuteness XD. Walks around, enjoying his life. Sad thing is, he can't remember things.

- Yi Kor ( Joshua )

Mee Hoon Bee Hoon. ah Joshua. When I was in primary school, he was the one who took care of me so well.
Remember crying cause' I can't finish my noodles. He helped me with it LOL. And yeah, all the quarrels i've set up with him, all the chit chats, i miss them =') i love him very very much, and I'm proud of it !

An additional picture of him his feet :

Now THIS IS WHY, u should never play basketball barefooted.

- cakie ^^~

Ah, all the good times. I'm gonna be 16 this year, sweet 16. GIMME MOAR.

Lastly, a token of appreciation to :

Irin Tan ! for helping me with this blog and also inspiring me to blog LOL. thanks very much !