Monday, August 25, 2008


Deng deng, the Horrible Chinese Singer.
Just take a look at her sweet gestures and singing -__-!!

Title : I Want A Fat Babe.
(Parody of I Want It That Way) If you take time to watch this video, you'll find that it's seriously funny =P. read the lyrics !

Lyrics :

Your ass is wider, than a bus tyre
Of you, I'm not afraid, I want a fat babe
Eat me, a whole pound of steak, finish your whole plate
It's okay, that I want a fat babe

Biggie fries, with a 64oz milkshake
Super size, every step is like an earthquake
You're so wide, queen of eat all you can eat buffet
I want a fat babe

Thin girls, are starving
For what, we're carving
What they say, has no weight
Cause I want A FAT BABE

Cherry pie, you got that extra cushion
Thunder thighs, much better for the push ons
Slip and slide, next to you I'm always in the shade
I want a fat babe

Magazines and the movie screens, say thin is the way to be, yeah~
But you can't get some the distance, without some resistance
Cause deep down inside of me

Your ass, is wider
Than a church choir
Eat more(eat more, eat more ,eat more)

I wanna hear you
Say your having some shake and bake
Micro heating is always to make (don't want a skinny bitch)
Allen mac beal, she''s who i hate,
I want a fat babe,
Tell me whyyyyyyy, you're dieting to lose weight
That's not right, tai bo took away your extra pounds,
I want a fat babe.


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