Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Time Has Come !

Ah. 23 August 2008. iVan's first blogging day !!!
Well just to list some of the people i miss :

-brian BRINA CHONG !!! *colgate*

Omg i miss him soo much. those days after pmr where i ''ponteng" school i was like *dotaing* everyday everyminute everytime. (mum actually allowed me to do so. u know y? coz i wanted to BUILD UP SOME RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM) so much of memories =(

- featuring popo a.k.a. grandma.

She rox man. cute too.
1. she screams at u in hakka language haha.
Especially at my sis who always refuse to do homework but watch tv with popo.
Her screaming rox babeh, the whole of kubang kerian can tremble =P
2. when i was young, i slept with her
woo, the best part.
a) when u can't sleep, hold her hand.
b) when u wake up in the midnight, hold her hand.
c) when u feel scared anytime, hold her hand. =)
conclusion : a great grandmother i have :) the sad thing is, she's living with my cousins in ipoh now. miss her so. T_T

- grandpa

He rox even moar. he ROARS at u and well... waves his hand to smack u down da floor.
anyway, i miss his cuteness XD. Walks around, enjoying his life. Sad thing is, he can't remember things.

- Yi Kor ( Joshua )

Mee Hoon Bee Hoon. ah Joshua. When I was in primary school, he was the one who took care of me so well.
Remember crying cause' I can't finish my noodles. He helped me with it LOL. And yeah, all the quarrels i've set up with him, all the chit chats, i miss them =') i love him very very much, and I'm proud of it !

An additional picture of him his feet :

Now THIS IS WHY, u should never play basketball barefooted.

- cakie ^^~

Ah, all the good times. I'm gonna be 16 this year, sweet 16. GIMME MOAR.

Lastly, a token of appreciation to :

Irin Tan ! for helping me with this blog and also inspiring me to blog LOL. thanks very much !


prisca said...

cute post! n urself too...heheh...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

haha. thanks prisca !

Catherine Yap said...

Nice blog, Gambate