Sunday, November 30, 2008

*Panic mode Activated.*

Note:Added pics. 30 November 2008.

People always say 'rain rain go away, come again some other day.' Yes, we don't want rain, but we can't make it go away. It's in the hands of God right.

Well, it's well known that Kubang Kerian is one of the highest places in Kota Bharu.
But bad news. My house is flooded too.
Note: My house is in Kubang Kerian.
My dog is flooded too, I mean, my dog's cage.
It's so bad that half his legs are submerged. I mean, 1/4th of his legs.

But he's still so cute.

Really cute.

Rain makes us moody, really moody.
1. Going out + people tumpang. (I'm not moody with this de, some people.)
2. Cannot smell my dog.
3. It makes you jealous when your parents always say "Last time ah, we always play in the rain de."
4. Yet you can't play in the rain, 'cos there's acid rain, melamine and all kinds of stuff.
5. It's so annoying to walk in water that flows from the drain. Uber dirty and disgusting.

Anyway, it's time to help dad in his clinic. Gotta pindah everything out and burn all his medicine.


Jocky REALLY loves everything. He's such a dog that cherishes life =) Aww. Anyway he fights with bites umbrellas. Ella, ella, ella, Jocky and the umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, it was serious!

Still so cute =D.

Sex drives really damages!

Note: The moment we prayed, the water stopped rising immediately. Praise God!

Of Circumcision and skins.

Circumcise [v]: to remove the prepuce of (a male), esp. as a religious rite.

So I had dinner with my mum and her church friends. They were chatting alot, until..
Aunty 1: Eh your son circumcised onot ah?
Aunty 2: This Monday wei. But they all making all kinds of excuses, like...
1. Mum, I dreamt that I was being pushed into this machine, and I can't fit in and blah blah blah gonna die or what.
2. Mum, I dreamt that when I sunat, I jump off the building eh.

So all began to chat on circumcision.

Uncle: Ivan, u circumcised onot ah? Go lah if haven't. For your wife's sake.
Uncle: For hygiene purposes. Easy to clean.
Ivan: Very hard to clean meh now -_-.

Aunty 3: My husband also didn't circumcise. Nevermind one la.
Mum: Ivan's too big already la. I mean he's too old, not his *that one* too big.
Ivan: LOLLOL. *It could be both xD*. No need lahhhh.
Aunty 2: What no need? Clean eh. Clean eh. Clean eh. Clean eh.

Ivan: *Whispers to mum*. Mum, how they cut wor. Inject there with numbing medicine and scissors the skin away?
Mum: Dono.

Most of the people circumcise for religion purposes, if not, for hygienic purposes. What else?
Why circumcise when God give you skin? Hmph LOL.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Of McShaker Fries.

On the 1023918412931273981298371983298178721391983791823th day of earth life, Ivan suddenly thought : There should be a better way to put more chilli sauce when we eat at McDonalds right?

So.. It only works when you buy the 'move it' mcshaker fries.

Instead of clumsy and alot of these:

You can actually 'decompose' the box of french fries into:

Nice! LOL.


So went to KL to settle my student VISA.
At least the Italian Embassy isn't as bad as the Americans Embassy, as i heard from Woon Shin.

At the Americans Embassy,
1. Check your handbag, check your pocket, check your everything.
Guess they're being very very careful 'cos this is an Islamic country.

2. Ask you to swear that you're giving real information and blah blah.
So strict?

3. Give you a name tag to hang on, eg: Visitor, Escort, Guardian blah blah.
Dog meh?

Well, our 9pm flight on the 28th of November turned out to be a 10pm flight. I'm already 'ok' with the 1 hour delay, but the worst part is : Airasia staffs are smart. They don't tell you ''AK6169 flight is going to be delayed by an hour.'' Instead, they tell you 'AK6169 flight is going to be delayed by 20 minutes.'' for 3 times. Yes, THREE TIMES, to make you excited and then sad, and excited and sad, and excited and happy to go home.
And the worst worst part is, the flight just now (29th of November) was also delayed by an hour, and they announced it that way too.

K, after reaching LCCT, we took an hour ride to Sentral. On the bus I sat beside and OLD man (About 50+ or 60+ who kept on texting. Yes, all the way from LCCT to KL Sentral. I wonder why parents never teach THEIR parents to not to SMS so much.) And then had supper at this restaurant. Then change restaurant 'cos they don't have food anymore. But the sink is REALLY cool!

So elegant.

And then at the hotel,

I wonder how are we going to protect our bag at all times by stepping or 'kapek-ing' it like shown in the figure above. Eew? Kapek Jocky with your legs like that ok la, don't kapek bag.

Super nice bottles. Rm50 each -_-. All at MidValley. My parents said they shopped till they dropped. But it's so NOT true. They shopped till I fell asleep on a chair.

And then the 2nd day (29th) we had dinner at Chilis.

This is uber-delicious. That guacamole, made using tapioca, I mean avocado tastes not bad. (SO NICE TO PRONOUNCE! guaca-mole guaca-mo-le guaca-mo-llllle)

What's interesting in Mid Valley?

Balls. For sitting. It's abit blurry here, 'cos rushing to get the cab lah.
Even got people sitting on it. It's like OMG HUGE.

Anyway, tell you what. On the airplane, there was a super noisy baby crying like crazy. You know, that kinda baby where you just wanna hit him in the face, 'cos he cries all the way from KL to KB, for 55 minutes.
How I wished I somebody can smack that baby in the face.
How I wished that baby is like Justin, smart and cute, like me.
How I wished I could fart like in the morning, fart poisonous gases, which contains ammonia as said by mum, just to suffocate + shut that baby up. LOL.

Also, we were thinking. I have an orientation to attend on the 9th of December. There's a parents briefing session, but well, my parents don't wanna go. But they have to bring me there anyway. So at first mum thought that Brian can bring me there. But.. I can imagine us nocturnal creatures people sleeping so late and what will happen when there's an orientation at 9AM sharp?
So mum thought we could take the early morning flight to KL.
But NO, it would be like:
1. Delay.
2. Air stewardess: Mr Chong, wake up wake up! There's only you both left on the plane. Everyone's out.
Brian and Ivan: Uhh? *Scratch and shout ngahhh*.

This trip is seriously tiring. Especially those delays.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Italy Italy Italy.

I was wondering what I should prepare for. I mean, what scary things will I encounter there?

1. Scary spiky chin.
From the photo I've seen, my host father's chin is quite er.. hairy with spiky hairs. LOL.
Tell me you won't imagine ''HELLO IVAN!!! WELCOME!!! *Shrubs Ivan with his chin*.''
Nah, that's quite impossible, right? Tell me!

2. 16 but 13-like.
''Teacher, why is a 13 years old boy in our class? We're 16, not 13!"

Well, my shiny roxxxxxhair might just confuse others about my age =(.

3. 0 Celcius temperature.
When I asked my host father's son brother about the temperate there, he said 0. ZERO!
''Zero celcius?''
''Yeah zero celcius.''
"Isn't that the freezing point of water? O_o!! *Frozen testicles / balls /anusleg ketiok?*'' (Refer to previous post to get the meaning).
Well, should be fine 'coz I will be wearing long johns and stuff like that. Maybe underwears stacked thrice too.
This makes me remember something. I forgot whether it was me or my brother who asked.
''Mum, what to do if we're out of underwear?''
''Aiyah, simple lah. One underwear can wear 4 times ma. 1st time wear normally, 2nd time wear terbalik it, 3rd time wear it inside out, 4th time terbalik again.''
''Er.. 4 times -_-..''

4. Death by big snow balls.
Heard that it snowed yesterday there, will there be things like big snow balls rolling down the hill, crashing Ivan's little body? Help..

5. Western people's 'openness'.
Do people there shower with friends TOGETHER in school?
Do people there walk around in the house naked?
Do people there just hit you and they get away like it's April Fool?
Do people there say 'let's have sex' and you can't get away?

Don't know Don't wanna know.

Well, I'm off to KL tonight, to settle the VISA procedure, so that I can get my staying permit in Italy. So long~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twisted Toaster or Toasted Twister?

Joke Funny act of the day.
iVan: (To KFC guy) Saya mau twisted toaster 2 set.
(To siblings) twisted toaster twisted toaster!

Joshua: What twisted toaster? toasted twister lah.
iVan: OMG LOL.

Anyway my dog is the star today, again.

Managed to bring him down, making him lying down on the floor.

Left paw:

Right paw:

These few days, his sex drive is driving him all of us crazy. Whenever we have visitors, we have to use water to splash him, or else visitors will get er.. hurt.

His sex drive is SO strong, he went:

Nah, just joking. LOL.

Picture of the month:

Cute nose, Cute teeth, Cute mouth. Tell me he's not cute, and I'll say you're talking nonsense. Heehee.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I was bathed by.. Jocky is bathed! by us!

Jocky was bathed by us today. And by 'us', I mean Joshua, Vivien and me.

At first, he was going mad. He hates water. But then after some forcing, he went down.

Nah, just joking. LOL.

So we bathed him. With antiflea shampoo and stuff like that. Vivien is scratching Jocky's ketiok XD.

And trust us, we REALLY bathed him. Not just because he hasn't been bathed for a year, but also to get rid of his famous amos smelly smell. We REALLY carefully bathed him.

His ketiok.

His testicles / balls / anus tail and er.. leg ketiok?

And guess what my mom said when I asked..
iVan: Mum, what's the common name for testicles? You know, to post 'testicles' in my blog is not nice.
Mum: Balls?
iVan: LOL!

And now Jocky is as shiny as a baby kangaroo!

Well, his 'famous amos' smell will come back in a few days time. So no worries.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Who's da blackest?

Ok, so according to the votes, Ivan is the blackest. But it's just SO NOT TRUE.
You see... the contestants.

1. Chong Yaw

Not that act cute one, the big faced one.

2. Min Ly.

The one on the left.

3. iVan


Oh, sorry for the baby pic.

Right side is me.

So I really think the blackest should be one of them, not me.
But well, popular people always get voted, no matter what it is XD.

Note: I'm just joking. Please, don't think that iVan is a crazy little perasan fellow, although he might be one.

How to download songs?

Ok, here are a few simple steps.

1. First, go to youtube.
2. Search for whatever songs you want.
3. Copy the link of the video. Example :
4. Go to Youtube Catcher : Video to mp3.
5. Paste the link of the music video into the box.
6. Click download. Don't download using Torrent Downloaders.
7. When you've finish downloading, rename the file to the song you wanted. Because it would be named ''Ripped from Youtube Catcher'' or something like that when you download it.
8. On the song using your programme, and tada!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Piano Lessons?

I have been taking piano lessons since 2002.
Now, I'm getting more and more lazy. Going to find excuses to NOT practise my piano already.

1. SPM is next yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I need to study. Music is not going to be my choice of career, it's just my hobby to play the piano, right? Therefore, I should focus on my studies.

2. Teacher said 'practise 10 minutes everyday also can already. For example, after dinner.' But, where got time? After dinner, homework. Come home from school, homework and tuition. And then it's family time in the evening and at night. Piano or Family more important? Family!!!

3. Piano lessons for Grade 8 students cost a whopping RM200 per month.
You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why
RECESSION IS COMING TO TOWN. (Well, it's already in town.)
Why should I waste my parents money? Even though they say 'invest ma.' But it's still wasting =(

Well, these are only excuses. Now that I haven't practise my songs, I'm gonna wake up at 7am tomorrow and PRACTISE!!!!!

Edit: failed.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Saw Photofunia at Bethany's blog. Kinda cute and fun.
Here's the link:PHOTOFUNIA.

Emily and me.

Joshua in KFC. I didn't purpsoely take this picture just to do this. I already had it.
Joshua The cats are cute, right?

My dog:

It's fun!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, EeVone.

Yeah, it's EeVone's birthday. Though I know you never use the internet, but I'm still gonna wish u again here =).

Ok, so I was told to go to Jia Li's house to wait together for the gang to walk to Ee Vone's house together.
At 3.30pm, I climbed out the house, coz I couldn't find my remote control for the gate.
After walking some distance and reaching the playground while avoiding some cows...

Unknown person on motor: Eh dik, mari sekejap.
Me: Huh?
Unknown person on motor: Mari, mari mari. *Uses hand gestures to ask me to go near him*.
Me: Kenapa? *Suspecting him*.
Unknown person on motor: Kenapa tadi adik panjat keluar pinty besar?
Me: ..? (Why did he know?) Tadi tak dapat cari remote lah. *Standing a distance and wanting to walk away*.
Unknown person on motor: Mari sikit. Mana IC mu?
Me: Huh? Kenapa nak IC?
Unknown person on motor: Saya polis nih.
Me: Apa la polis?
Unknown person on motor: Memang la. *Shows his ID card*.
Me: Oh, saya tak ambil IC keluar la. Saya pergi ambil sekarang.
Police: Eh tak payah, hairanlah kenapa adik nak panjat.
Me: Kerana tak ada remote la -_-.
Police: Hmm. Nak check nih. Kerana banyak pencuri kan. Ayah buat apa? Apa alamat awak?
Me: Ayah saya doktor. 417.
Police: Ok. Tak apa lah.
Me: *Quickly walks away*.

Maybe I looked kinda scary, wearing a cap and climbing out of my gate -_-.
I was so scared that he was a robber, because he kept on looking at my pocket which had a handphone.

When I reached Jia Li's house, I heard that...

Jia Li: Eh Ivan, just now eh noh, Min Ly shouted 'Ding dong ding dong, is Jia Li around?' to my neighbour eh. She thought that Indian's house is my house. Luckily I heard her and quickly said "Oi, here la -___-...''
Ivan: Hhaahahahaha. Paiseh le. Some more create the 'ding dong ding dong' sound herself. Haha.

When everyone arrived, we went WALKED to KFC. Everyone sweated like mad.

So we purposely sang 'Happy Birthday' loudly so that Ee Vone would get her face all red.

And then all of us except Ee Vone, which includes Jia Li, Chong Yaw, Khang Chuan, Min Ly, Ceek Wei and me took a ride on Jia Li's car to tuition. Ceek Wei sat on Min Ly's lap and the whole journey was so fun.

Life with cute friends sure is fun!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Fall of the Titan.

PWN HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, this one:

So today, we were trying to chop down this huge banana tree that has been in our garden for ages.

Er, it's not like were pulling the tree directly. We DID cut the stem part.

We cut it, like this:

So we pull it down later on.

NOT a *ONE MAN SHOW!!!.* Demonstrations from dad only.

So, eventually it came tumbling down. With a big gushing wind!

And after many times of..

*Cute mickey mouse pants right? thanks LOL.* So we pull those big big leaves and play like

Now, our garden is like:

Anyway, got scolded, because of:

But it's an onion. Argh.


Life with Joshua / Brian around means I can go to KFC every night.



Anyway there are things you can't find in other KFCs, except in KFC KUBANG KERIAN DRIVETHRU~~~.






It's fun!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Barbeque: noun

1. meat that has been barbecued or grilled in a highly seasoned sauce [syn: barbecue]
2. a cookout in which food is cooked over an open fire; especially a whole animal carcass roasted on a spit [syn: barbecue]
3. a rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors [syn: barbecue]

Before that, so Joshua was trying to use the motor. But it won't work.

Dad was SO emo.

Maybe it was the brand's fault. Look at this. FEEL GUILTY, Toh Boon Siew. LOL.

So we, I mean dad and bro used the ''I-push-then-later-you-masuk-gear-lalu'' tactic.

*Push Push.*

So at last, the motor COULD be driven. Had a blast with bro.

Now I know why is it important to smile when taking pictures, especially when you are a dark person. *Points at Joshua.*

Last Friday, dad cut off our small trees in front of our house door, NOT GATE.
So it became:

Sis and maid.

Today my maid went all funny again.
She almost dropped a piece of chicken, and then..
Maid: Eh ayam jatuh. Eh Eh ayam jatuh pulok eh.
Luckily it didn't drop.

So she began to LOL on her own...

Lion head / ahma foreheaded Bro and me.


Oh before I forget, MY DOG BECAME SLIM.

From: *Ignore his buttocks.*


Well, it's just because we were worried that he ate too much. So we cut down his intake of food. But...

Nah he's just sleeping. LOL.