Friday, November 14, 2008

Hari Ini Kurasa Bahagia!

So we had 4s2 dinner.
B4 any personal pics, I'll upload all my classmates. I captured each and everyone present in the dinner.


Chong Yaw (Blackie), Ivan (Brownie) (I mean shirt colour OUR BODY COLOUR) and Jiali (Funny) in China.

Khang Chuan (Lobak), Kheng Ghee (Maths freak) and Yih Zhe (Always kena ERK by the gangz one, especially iVan).

Pei Ping (Super geng at screaming while acting as though she isn't), Bethany, Yi Lin (Bethany and Yi Lin are always together one. Best friends) and Min Fei (Super helpful and kind girl. She makes sure everyone does their homework XD).

Koon Hooi (Physics freak), Zi Jian (Fat?), Shen Yeow (Cool?) and Chiy Hin (Not paying attention all the time -_-. Shortest boy anyway LOLz).

Jianee (Wei Shyuan's gf) and Wei Shyuan (Jia Nee's bf) duh? (Wei Shyuan is the lamest, always erk for nothing).

Qing Jun (Monitor), Samantha, Sex Fern Swet Fern and Siew Ying.

Ee Vone (Always laugh like mad) and Ceek Wei (Pro laugher, too. *Shortest in class*).

Tan Ling (Kelian de, always kena erk), Hui Hui (So called 'pimple generator', only Min Ly calls her that way though.) and Min Ly (Black black gurlx).

Yi Hui (Quite diam one) and Rong Rong (The only girl that can ride a motor in 4S2, right? Hmm.)

There are 37 people in our class, but only 27 came to the 'party'.



iVan and Pei Ping, with her 'bitch beach club' shirt.

iVan and Qing Jun.

Samantha and iVan. Starring Mr.Tissue.

Short, Fit and Thin. LOL.

Short, Tall and Fit. LOL.

Wei Shyuan and Lobak. Act cute ones.

iVan and Bethany.


Scary Four.

Jiali and EeVone.


Okay, on the way back home, dad actually had some oldies in the player. So some kind of EMO atmosphere was created. Makes me..

Ray of blinding light. It's actually street light + balloon + camera.

In Kbmall. saw this thing and I was like OMG? Ok fake one.

Well, I'm happy to attend this last party of 4S2. Some will drop class already...
I don't know whether I'm gonna miss u all like crazy, but deep inside my heart, I KNOW you all are gonna miss me xD. Right right?

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