Thursday, November 27, 2008

Italy Italy Italy.

I was wondering what I should prepare for. I mean, what scary things will I encounter there?

1. Scary spiky chin.
From the photo I've seen, my host father's chin is quite er.. hairy with spiky hairs. LOL.
Tell me you won't imagine ''HELLO IVAN!!! WELCOME!!! *Shrubs Ivan with his chin*.''
Nah, that's quite impossible, right? Tell me!

2. 16 but 13-like.
''Teacher, why is a 13 years old boy in our class? We're 16, not 13!"

Well, my shiny roxxxxxhair might just confuse others about my age =(.

3. 0 Celcius temperature.
When I asked my host father's son brother about the temperate there, he said 0. ZERO!
''Zero celcius?''
''Yeah zero celcius.''
"Isn't that the freezing point of water? O_o!! *Frozen testicles / balls /anusleg ketiok?*'' (Refer to previous post to get the meaning).
Well, should be fine 'coz I will be wearing long johns and stuff like that. Maybe underwears stacked thrice too.
This makes me remember something. I forgot whether it was me or my brother who asked.
''Mum, what to do if we're out of underwear?''
''Aiyah, simple lah. One underwear can wear 4 times ma. 1st time wear normally, 2nd time wear terbalik it, 3rd time wear it inside out, 4th time terbalik again.''
''Er.. 4 times -_-..''

4. Death by big snow balls.
Heard that it snowed yesterday there, will there be things like big snow balls rolling down the hill, crashing Ivan's little body? Help..

5. Western people's 'openness'.
Do people there shower with friends TOGETHER in school?
Do people there walk around in the house naked?
Do people there just hit you and they get away like it's April Fool?
Do people there say 'let's have sex' and you can't get away?

Don't know Don't wanna know.

Well, I'm off to KL tonight, to settle the VISA procedure, so that I can get my staying permit in Italy. So long~

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