Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, EeVone.

Yeah, it's EeVone's birthday. Though I know you never use the internet, but I'm still gonna wish u again here =).

Ok, so I was told to go to Jia Li's house to wait together for the gang to walk to Ee Vone's house together.
At 3.30pm, I climbed out the house, coz I couldn't find my remote control for the gate.
After walking some distance and reaching the playground while avoiding some cows...

Unknown person on motor: Eh dik, mari sekejap.
Me: Huh?
Unknown person on motor: Mari, mari mari. *Uses hand gestures to ask me to go near him*.
Me: Kenapa? *Suspecting him*.
Unknown person on motor: Kenapa tadi adik panjat keluar pinty besar?
Me: ..? (Why did he know?) Tadi tak dapat cari remote lah. *Standing a distance and wanting to walk away*.
Unknown person on motor: Mari sikit. Mana IC mu?
Me: Huh? Kenapa nak IC?
Unknown person on motor: Saya polis nih.
Me: Apa la polis?
Unknown person on motor: Memang la. *Shows his ID card*.
Me: Oh, saya tak ambil IC keluar la. Saya pergi ambil sekarang.
Police: Eh tak payah, hairanlah kenapa adik nak panjat.
Me: Kerana tak ada remote la -_-.
Police: Hmm. Nak check nih. Kerana banyak pencuri kan. Ayah buat apa? Apa alamat awak?
Me: Ayah saya doktor. 417.
Police: Ok. Tak apa lah.
Me: *Quickly walks away*.

Maybe I looked kinda scary, wearing a cap and climbing out of my gate -_-.
I was so scared that he was a robber, because he kept on looking at my pocket which had a handphone.

When I reached Jia Li's house, I heard that...

Jia Li: Eh Ivan, just now eh noh, Min Ly shouted 'Ding dong ding dong, is Jia Li around?' to my neighbour eh. She thought that Indian's house is my house. Luckily I heard her and quickly said "Oi, here la -___-...''
Ivan: Hhaahahahaha. Paiseh le. Some more create the 'ding dong ding dong' sound herself. Haha.

When everyone arrived, we went WALKED to KFC. Everyone sweated like mad.

So we purposely sang 'Happy Birthday' loudly so that Ee Vone would get her face all red.

And then all of us except Ee Vone, which includes Jia Li, Chong Yaw, Khang Chuan, Min Ly, Ceek Wei and me took a ride on Jia Li's car to tuition. Ceek Wei sat on Min Ly's lap and the whole journey was so fun.

Life with cute friends sure is fun!

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Lily Tan said...

Hahahha! So funny!!! I couldn't stop laughing...hahahhahaa