Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Twisted Toaster or Toasted Twister?

Joke Funny act of the day.
iVan: (To KFC guy) Saya mau twisted toaster 2 set.
(To siblings) twisted toaster twisted toaster!

Joshua: What twisted toaster? toasted twister lah.
iVan: OMG LOL.

Anyway my dog is the star today, again.

Managed to bring him down, making him lying down on the floor.

Left paw:

Right paw:

These few days, his sex drive is driving him all of us crazy. Whenever we have visitors, we have to use water to splash him, or else visitors will get er.. hurt.

His sex drive is SO strong, he went:

Nah, just joking. LOL.

Picture of the month:

Cute nose, Cute teeth, Cute mouth. Tell me he's not cute, and I'll say you're talking nonsense. Heehee.

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