Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chuan Pang.

Chuan Pang is cute, too. Now I wonder why my family and my friends are all cute. Is there a problem? T_T.

Okay. So we play MapleStory, in a private server. We have lots of guildmates there and it's quite fun because we have no life and we have nothing else to do.

So that day, some GM (Game Master) was really high.

Chuan Pang: NO.

For those who have never played MapleStory before, GMs speak through MEGAPHONEs, where all maplers (people who play MapleStory) can see what the GMs speak. So Chuan Pang was like, so disturbing. But he made me LOL until my stomach ached.

We, I mean WE, not ME, actually don't like some friends inside. So that day, we were having fun disguising as though we don't know that person and we added him as a buddy (friend). So later on I asked Pang.

Ivan: Eh Pang, what will happen if he asks for your IGN (in game name) for MapleStory?
Pang: (His name in MapleStory is Zeal) Oh, I'll just say Seal.

And again, I LOLed.

Seriously, you'll find friends so fun. Yet when others don't understand why you are so happy about ''NO" and "Seal", it's even more fun.


Yuriski said...

ya, all of ur family n frens are cute, but among all of them, I AM THE CUTEST... muahahahahahahha!!!! LOLOLOL!!!XDD!

gJ said...