Sunday, November 30, 2008

Of Circumcision and skins.

Circumcise [v]: to remove the prepuce of (a male), esp. as a religious rite.

So I had dinner with my mum and her church friends. They were chatting alot, until..
Aunty 1: Eh your son circumcised onot ah?
Aunty 2: This Monday wei. But they all making all kinds of excuses, like...
1. Mum, I dreamt that I was being pushed into this machine, and I can't fit in and blah blah blah gonna die or what.
2. Mum, I dreamt that when I sunat, I jump off the building eh.

So all began to chat on circumcision.

Uncle: Ivan, u circumcised onot ah? Go lah if haven't. For your wife's sake.
Uncle: For hygiene purposes. Easy to clean.
Ivan: Very hard to clean meh now -_-.

Aunty 3: My husband also didn't circumcise. Nevermind one la.
Mum: Ivan's too big already la. I mean he's too old, not his *that one* too big.
Ivan: LOLLOL. *It could be both xD*. No need lahhhh.
Aunty 2: What no need? Clean eh. Clean eh. Clean eh. Clean eh.

Ivan: *Whispers to mum*. Mum, how they cut wor. Inject there with numbing medicine and scissors the skin away?
Mum: Dono.

Most of the people circumcise for religion purposes, if not, for hygienic purposes. What else?
Why circumcise when God give you skin? Hmph LOL.

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