Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes. As all of you know, I'm going for a student exchange program at Italy. Shows off. Anyway, I'm really thinking...

1. I'm going to miss my family so much. Miss the time I can be with my family this holiday. Miss the time I can have fun with my brothers playing all the time. Miss my father, mother, sister. But nevermind, I can still be with them. Joshua is going to be at home till March 2009.

2. I'm going to miss miss Christmas in my church. Miss all the performance, miss the musical. Miss the youth there *sob*. But nevermind, my host family is Catholic and they do attend church. Going to have a Winter Christmas there.

3. I'm going to miss Chinese New Year. Which means I can't see all my relatives. Especially my grandmother who knows how to act cute, who is cute. Miss my cousins. Miss going to the cinema with my family in Ipoh. But nevermind, I have to learn to leave my place and learn to be independent.

4. I'm going to miss school. My friends, my teachers, canteen food. But nevermind, I'll make new friends and meet new people in Italy.

I'm really thinking.. But nevermind, this is just temporary. Once I come back, I'll be back with my original life again. I MISS YOU ALL!!!

*Going on 13th December 2008, till 8th February 2009.

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gJ said...

hey ivan.. so lucky u being chosen.. i'll be missing u too. heh.. anyway have fun thr! ^^