Saturday, November 15, 2008

What A Day.

Went to cousin's house to have poopia popia (spring roll) lunch.
My version of popia:

Who cares about the shape anyway? It's not like I'm doing popia business or what. Who cares about the pillow shape?
I'm going to EAT it and it's going to be gone.

Then played. It's not barbie dolls or what.
Forgot what is its called, but it's really fun.


Dog with er.. poop?

Christmas tree.

On the way home..

When my maid saw this, she told me something lame.

Kak: Abi, tengok itu. Macam tahi lembu. Awak hati-hati. Pakai baju hijau, nanti lembu gigit awak.
iVan: O_o?? Lembu tau tengok lah. Saya besar sangat ni?
Kak: Tak ada~ Lembu pasti gigit abi.
iVan: -_-...

Ok, some people say ''Why do you blog when you write everything personal, which means you are writing your diary online and everyone can see it?"

So iVan's blog isn't just a diary. I try to put funny, cute, emo, interesting stuff in.
So remember, iVan isn't exposing his life to everyone. He WANTS to share stuff.

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gJ said...

yesh! support ur blog ivan. LOL its great! like it =P