Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I was bathed by.. Jocky is bathed! by us!

Jocky was bathed by us today. And by 'us', I mean Joshua, Vivien and me.

At first, he was going mad. He hates water. But then after some forcing, he went down.

Nah, just joking. LOL.

So we bathed him. With antiflea shampoo and stuff like that. Vivien is scratching Jocky's ketiok XD.

And trust us, we REALLY bathed him. Not just because he hasn't been bathed for a year, but also to get rid of his famous amos smelly smell. We REALLY carefully bathed him.

His ketiok.

His testicles / balls / anus tail and er.. leg ketiok?

And guess what my mom said when I asked..
iVan: Mum, what's the common name for testicles? You know, to post 'testicles' in my blog is not nice.
Mum: Balls?
iVan: LOL!

And now Jocky is as shiny as a baby kangaroo!

Well, his 'famous amos' smell will come back in a few days time. So no worries.

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minmay said...

haha.. my dog has the 'famous amos' smell,too. hahaha...