Friday, November 7, 2008

Life on Fridays.

Today morning kakak said she cried alone. Because of this:

It's not just one. It's like tens of dead snails scattered all over the road.
Guess who did it? Yeah car, but would snails cross the roads >_>?
Anyway, kakak (maid) said she put them out because these 20+ snails were eating our leaves everyday. EVERYDAY. She said "Sayanglah pokok kakak. Kasihan ler."
But apprarently this is her first time listening to those ''KRAK!!'' sound, indicating snails being crushed by cars. Imagine a car going over our body... So she cried =(.

Random pic: Light~

So after church service, all youths went to Siloam's house to visit him. His house is really cozy.
We all had fun sharing and singing songs with him.

Anyway, the 'erk' culture is being spread by 4Science2 people. LOL.


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