Wednesday, December 31, 2008

♥Kiss 2008 Goodbye!♥

The ♥s are just for fun. I'm not girlish.
2008... It's going soon.

1. I can't believe I'm going to be Form5. Hello!? I'm still childish and playful like mad. How to be Form5? SPM of course no need to say, everyone must face it, but being Form5 is hard 'cause it's the last year for you to be in Secondary School, and you're like the tailou batch [Don't care aout Form6] and I'm happy. Cepat SPM la, people want nice hair like lions. Anyway, I stay here until February, I go back must study like siao leh. Must win my 2 brothers that didn't score straight A1s. You two wait, I prove to you all that I can score straight As!!! [Yala straight As only, not all A1 leh. Sejarah die one.] Well maybe not -_-.

2. 2008 has been a great year. Not really emo times, most of them are fun times. For your information, I'm very close to my family. I'm not the 100% dependant on friends type, so I'm happy all the while. This year is also the year where all of us got closer together [I mean family relationship.] and spend more time with each other. Mum even learn how to use MSN and email and FW here and FW there lo. Dad also learn 'cause he wants to chat with me here. No problem for him of course. It's ♥ babeh!

3. 2008 August is the time I first started blogging. Mm. Must remember. August 23. More important than October 10 ok. Well not really more important than MY birthday. nahaha. 2008 is the year everyone misses me alot. Family, relatives, church friends, friends. [Not in order ok, some of you there miss me alot.] I miss all of you too!

4. 2008 is a year where I found a lot of good friends. I mean a lot. [Thanks to Sim for correcting me ♥] From those whom I've quarreled with before to new friends, I must say I got closer to them already. It's good, yeah it's good to have more friends and good friends. Science 2 is the best lalalalalalala.

5. 2008 is the first year I have Vivien crying for me 'cause I'm here. HAHA. And Joshua gave her a strange look. 'You cry what cry har? Me and korkor go so long u never cry, Slap you nuh.' [LOL just joking about slapping.]

6. 2008 is a great year, but we should look forward, not look back, no matter how good it was or how bad it was. Look forward and step forward! By the way, need I remind you to not send messages on 09.09.2009 and say ''OMG TODAY IS 09.09.09 ONCE IN A LIFETIME!! SEND THIS MESSAGE TO 10 FRIENDS OR ELSE TOMORROW YOUR CAT WILL BE RAPED BY A SKINLESS GIRL!!'' 'Cause it's happening on 10.10.2010, 11.11.2011 and 12.12.2012 leh. No need de lah. 10.10.2010 can do loh, so nice de date plus it's my birthday. Parties anyone? =D


Thus my last post of 2008. Happy new year! May you have a fruitful year ahead.

Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle by Ivan. Chong.

Everyone has been posting on food. All blogs post food. Kenny Sia, Xia Xue, Boon Siew, Siau Wen, EVERYONE!!! Food is boring okay! It makes me so mad! So I'm gonna post about food also!

Well remember I mentioned Yoghurt + Muesli so many times? Here it is, the recipe! [Well, not the recipe to make yoghurt and muesli, duh..]

First, get a cat.

SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRR CUTE. She's sibeh kawaii lah. But not part of the recipe LOL.

1. First, get yoghurt. Pour it all out on a bowl. Use a spoon to get everything out of the little plastic cup. Don't get banana yoghurt [they have it here], mixed fruits yoghurt would be good.

Looks like salad, but it doesn't smell like salad.

2. Then open your Muesli box gently and nicely.

It says got honey one. But you should add honey yourself if you have honey. Honey honey~ Won't you kiss me, ahah, honey honey~

And then it becomes like this:

Very nice leh! You can tell how nice it is by reading more.
I eat this Yoghurt + Muesli 3 times a day ok. 1 for brunch, 1 for snack and 1 for supper.
My host doesn't get mad, instead they bought alot of yoghurt wor. Like 20+ packets. Not bad, hmm.

Some more ah, the supermarket even sell yoghurt combined with muesli in a bottle leh. They seperate it like 'Nyam Nyam'. But much better than 'Nyam Nyam.' Healthy food! Not like those bloggers who show all kinds of food from restaurants. Expensive and not as healthy as Yoghurt + Muesli. So must read my blog more often ah. LOL, just joking. All bloggers have different ways of writing right.

After eating you'll be a happy bear like me.

It's difficult to take a picture by yourself in front of your family ok.
P/s: I'm not hideous.
So daddy mummy please order yoghurts. 21 bottles a week. Make it 50, so everyone can be happy bears. [Yes, my parents read this blog.]

How I wish food can reproduce and benefit human and produces better genes for better food. MOAR yoghurt!!! MOAR muesli!!!
But I think Malaysia doesn't have this? 'Cause I've only seen Muesli bars. So break it yourself.

Cats that have three colours are female cats. Confirm 100%!

She loves rabbit meat. And bones. =D Cutest thing I've ever seen in year 2008.
Cutest 'thing' ok. Cutest person you say? Who else? Hahah.

Anyway, to really obtain a healthy lifestyle, you should STOP DRINKING STOP SMOKING START EXERCISING START MAINTAINING YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT!!! Also get at least 8 hours of sleep. Don't know for different age groups lah.

Childhood. love.

You know hor, lately I see alot of people colour their text like it's very cute. It takes lots of effort and it's not nice.

I recall what my mother always tease me about: Inviting only this girl to my party.

Ok, since I shouldn't reveal people's name and destroying their image [I'm destroying MY image!], I shall name her Hui Hui. Ok, so her name is Hui Hui. LOL. [Hui Hui, don't worry, I won't pose pictures of you.] [I LOL because her real name is Hui Hui ok. LOL.]

That day, I invited Hui Hui to my 'birthday party'. When she arrived, she wore like a princess. That kinda children gown. Not bad, but guess what? There wasn't any party. Hahahah. Ivan simply phoned his only friend [that year] and invited her to come for his 'birthday party'. So she ended up having dinner with my family. Got present some more leh. So nice.

Probably when I was young I always wanted surprises and presents and parties. Mum even said 'Last time you said you want to have birthday party everyday wor. Then I buy cake everyday and then sing Happy Birthday to you and then you get happy.' It could be the reason I went mad and called Hui Hui to come. She was alone I remember. Some more ah, when I phoned her, her mum answered. And I even ran out of the house to check my house address. LOL. So clever!

Mummy asked to add:
My mum's friend who works in Public Bank Tanah Merah told my mum: Eh Joyce, you know ah, my niece attended a strange birthday party. She was the only one invited and she had dinner with that family. [Blush.] LOL. Pai seh leh.

So I surprised my family when everyone was having normal dinner and suddenly some princess stands outside our gate. o_O.

Parties are fun when you're young. One time I was going to have my birthday party.

First day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people coming? [In Hakka of course.]
iVan: 10.

Second day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people ah?
iVan: 20+

Third day:
Grandma: Ah bi, how many people ah?
iVan: er 40?
Grandma panicks. LOL.

So it's kinda cute right!!! [Say yes, I don't care! Must say yes!!!] LOL.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ice Skating.


Fiona loves to go treasure hunting! Kawaiiness.

Muesli is very crunchy! Better than Coco Crunch or Honey Stars! Healthy and nice! [Maybe I should spend all my money buying Muesli to bring back to KB.]
Ok, before much talking, let me show you 1 photo of the ice rink here.
No, it's not real ice if you want to ask. If it's real ice I probably won't be here typing already. I would've sunken. (Correct word onot dad? Mum?) So it's not real ice there. I mean, it's ice alright, but still the same kind of ice rink you see in Sunway Pyramid, KL.
Ok, I notice that there are 4 kinds of people on the ice rink.
1. Pro but show off uncles.
They put their hands at their backs and skate and skate and even skate backwards and jump around, and they even think that they are skating gracefully. These uncles aren't very young also you know, so imagine them skating here and there, whereas people want to paktoh and they skate here and there. Annoying! [I don't hate old people ok, just for fun LOL.]
2. People who skate in the opposite direction.
As you all know, people skate like clockwise around the rink right? Then some people ah, they dono purposely or hiao go skate in the opposite direction, some more do innocent face wor. Not bad, can make others fall down.
3. People who fall down all the time.
Especially children who are beginners, they tend to fall down very much. And it's contagious! One person fall down, then others come and cannot stop then fall down also. Some even fall down again when they wanna stand up. At least children fall down still cute la, don't come out old uncles aunties fall down on the butt. [I don't hate old people ok, just for fun LOL.]
4. Parents who are over protective of their children.
Oh come on, don't keep on holding your children like 'NO I DUWAN MY CHILD TO FALL DOWN EVER.' Some even hold their children like trolleys leh. Come on, once a while let your hands off when your children fall down. Let them feel the 'Fall down liao must stand up again orhs!' idiom.
See la, the child also beh sun liow.
Anyway one suggestion for you:
If you wanna go skating, don't ever go alone. Don't ever go with a couple. Go with your family or your friends who don't have bfs / gfs. If you're skating alone it's going to get boring. If you're with friends you can push them and make them fall down! 'Bitch!' they would say. Going with family is the best, 'cause you can hold hands together and form a line and block people's way thus increasing number of people who fall down suddenly.
And it snowed! It's my jacket, I didn't take picture of girls' jackets -_-
Snow tastes like water! WoOh! Ok, going to dinner.
Signing off,
LOL old fashioned.
Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with my blog. I can't seem to 'enter' and make spaces between sentences. Guess it's the picture problem, 'cause my previous post can wor. Hmm.

Sunday, December 28, 2008



Lately I've been reading the blogs of Kenny Sia and Xia Xue, and also my previous posts since August 2008. The more I read all my previous posts the more I feel 'Why last time my writing like this ar? So sucky and funny, but still can get 4k hits already now. *happy happy* Why is their blogging so good!? Well, I know I won't be as good as them, but I still wanna blog!

1. Xia Xue is a full-time blogger. Kenny Sia and Xia Xue both have the talent to blog. I don't have. Yes seriously.

2. Xia Xue and Kenny Sia are in the outside world. They write all kinds of things like politics and adult things and blah blah blah. Whereas I don't even touch the newspaper -_-.

3. Xia Xue uses alot of vulgars, which is.. interesting? (I'm not criticising her ok.) Well, I don't. Hahah.

4. They both use photoshop, I don't.

Ok nevermind. I'll just try my best -_-, just like everyone out there. And I'm not going to dream ofhaving 10000 readers per day. I want to know every single reader of my blog! I'm not bragging, but seriously, I hope my readers are my family and friends. Then I don't have to speak on big big issues like about the world and money and blah to get attention.

Anyway my blog just hit 4k readers already! Woohoo! Thanks to all of you! (And no, I'm not a freak that refreshes his own page until the number of visitors hit 4000.)

Just received an email from Ceek Jeon with the title 'Some Security Tips.'

Most of them are stupid and irrational. The most stupid one is this:

2. If a robber asks for your wallet and/or purse,
Toss it away from you....
chances are that he is more interested
in your wallet and/or purse than you,
and he will go for the wallet/purse.

Ok, if you throw your wallet away, well chances are:
1. He gets VERY angry and stab you / shoot you and then he gets the wallet. Yes. Dota players know this very well. When your enemy denies your kill, you'll get really mad and start scolding vulgars. (I don't scold vulgars -_-) Or when your enemy denies your tower, you will scream.
2. He runs to the wallet while shooting you.
3. He runs to get your wallet and he disappears.

See, any chance also confirm you cry. So the best way is to.. Give the robber the wallet.
Right? At first people just want your money, nobody wants to hurt you, and then you do such debe things, people straight away think of stabbing you what. Think of it, how many of you want to stab your friends when they make you really angry? Everyone wants to!

Also, what if some robber reads all of these 'tips' and he knows all the counters!? This point number 2 is SO irrational! If we measure with the scale of 10, it's 10/10 irrationality! It's like trying to escape from a tiger by throwing meat to the other direction. (Ok, it's a bad example LOL.) So anyway it's just so not right right? It's like doubling the chance of getting killed. Just give the robber your wallet and everything will be alright. (Everything = your life.)

Ya giving your wallet is the best way. You throw also he might get + shoot you. So give! Be generous! Give give! Anyway today it's ice skating day! Sibeh syok and cute lah. Hope can fall down. Long time ady no fall down. LOL. Pictures will be updated later =).

You know you want to read my blog. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!!!!! So read.

Lately I have trouble creating Titles for my posts. Argh.

Ever wondered how supermarkets in Italy look like?


And the supermarket here makes you put the trolley back nicely, or else kiss your 1 euro goodbye. That's RM5 ok.

Also, finally after a year of doing experiments, I found the true way to wear Crocs. This way:
It's fun, try it!
It looks like pizza, it smells like pizza, it tastes like pizza, but it's not pizza, and I forgot the name LOL.

Ever wondered how does a Chinese restaurant in Italy look like?
This is just a special table anyway. AND IT HAS AN AQUARIUM UNDER IT OKAY! SO AWESOME! With the pump summore.

Normal dinner...

Abnormal receipt...

If you still don't get it...
That's 80 Euros ok, not Rm80 or 80Yen. [And I don't photoshop.] 80 Euros means near Rm400 already for these stuff that only cost not more than RM100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about going overseas and bluffing the innocent people!
I can ask grandma to cook 'Lui Cha' [What-what tea rice with all sorts of vegetables] and sell them at 5Euros per bowl ok. Just fly to Italy and be a millionaire!
Ok, I know stuff would be at this expensive if we compare. But if I don't compare then I can use up all my Euros here lah, crazy meh? A can of cola costs about 1,30 Euros, which is like x5 the price in Malaysia. Freaky!
Anyway, for the 'who is da cutest' poll, I still don't understand why would you guys pick 'Ong Poh Poh'. 16 votes for Ong Poh Poh and 1 vote ONLY for Fiona. Hello? It's not good to be sarcastic at a poll! Be honest! Now I'll make you love Fiona for the rest of your life. You'll even put her as your desktop background and phone background and print it out then tepek on your file!

See how fluffy she is? More fluffy than a cow! I mean, a rabbit! How many cats in Malaysia have that fold on their hands? So cute!! Unlike Malaysian's stray cats, jumping here. jumping there, jumping here and everywhere! [Makes me think of Choral Speaking, heh.] and do naughty things in the middle of the road. Free show meh?

I bet she knows I'm capturing her, [duh!] pretending to be avoiding my camera when I'm helping her to 'camwhore'. So cute!! And she's not photoshopped! Natural beauty! 100% kawaiiness!! And how many cats in Malaysia know how to act cute!?

She pretends to be emo, how cute!! See her eyes at night! So huge! Huger than that of any act cute girl out there! She's the most beautiful creation of God! [Sorry Vivien, you're not the most beautiful anymore. Erm, you were never beautiful!] (Just joking, hahah.) But this doesn't mean you're the most beautiful ok.
She [I mean Fiona, not you Vivien. Haha.] is so cute that you would wanna squeeze her until her eyes bulge out!
2008 is coming to an end! Woohooooooo.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday! Buon Compleanno to Vivien.

Happy birthday to you~

Oops, this one, sorry.

Yer.. u sipe hiao n ugly er..

You're now 14 years old babeh. Grow grow grow!!! But you'll never be as cute as I am LOL.
Having you as a sister is the worst thing in life.
Having you as a sister is a very great thing, not to mention all those quarrels we've had.
Anyway, happy birthday! Be a gud gurlx! Miss you lots, xoxo.
They are having a birthday party at home now. UNFAIR. They get to have BBQ, spaggethis and all the nice Malaysian food. !!! Post those blackie chickens to me, will ya?

Recently I put this pic on MSN display pic:

And there were all kinds of comments, like:

1. OMG IVAN! I thought your picture is what malay makcik de picture eh.
2. Waa, why your face so matured in the picture?
3. Lengzhai!
Quite true maybe.
4. Sexy!
True also.
5. Cute, lo..
6. Chuan Pang said I'm narcissistic.
Got standard balu can be narcissistic right!?
p/s: thanks for teaching me this word ^^ =P =) =D

It's hard to get a picture where you get all the faces ok. So appreciate me.

Anyway if you don't like me being narcissistic [zi lian], you have no choice 'cause I'll make you like it!

According to Wikipedia,
1.Narcissism describes the trait of excessive self-love, based on self-image or ego.
2.Andrew Morrison claims that, in adults, a reasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.

Therefore Andrew Morrison claims that, in youths, an unreasonable amount of healthy narcissism allows the individual's perception of his needs to be balanced in relation to others.

But I'm warning you, not all people can be narcissistic ok. You must have standards.
Being narcissistic IS fun! Plus it's healthy yeah.

Anyway I was wondering, will 2 months be too long and will I waste my time here in Italy? I'm sitting for SPM next year and I'm going to miss school for a month!!!

But cool dad comforted me with one sentence. It's the best quote in 2008.

'What u lose in school can never compare to what u r going to gain in Italy;u will remember the experience for the rest of ur life..'

And dad is addicted to chatting with me on MSN! LOL.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day!

So it's Christmas! Went to host oma's [grandma in German I think..] house to hiao have fun. In my place, Christmas means gifts. Gifts for everyone. For the kids, toys. For the youngsters, clothes. For the adults, beer or wine. Tradition, eh?

Christmas decorations in most houses.

It's always about meat [PORK] here.

With bread. The black bread in the picture is the typical bread in oma's area, which is near Austria and Switzerland.

Oma rocks! [Don't know if I have permission to post her photo or not, but well... I wanna share what I love! LOL.] She makes me feel so welcomed.

More meat that she prepared, including pork and deer meat. Cold meat, of course, cooked.

Oma gave me this :). Chocolates.

She has a super old piano. You have to step on those two things repeatedly one by one, to pump air so that the piano can have sounds. So basically this old piano helps you to enjoy music while exercising. Not bad.

She cooked alot of dishes. [Well, Italian style.] From omelette with soup and lasagna-like food [forgot the name] to rice with pork, salad, potato and blah blah. It's my first Chinese food I had here. RICE AND PORK with those gravy. OOOOH. Can compete with KB restaurants leh. Pro oma.
The cows oma rears: [FOR MEAT.]
not them lol. LOL. They are Michael and Verena. Host sis bf and host sis. Michael is a very funny guy and Verena LOLs quite frequently. Very fun family!
The cows:
It's obviously edited. So that the faces are abit more obvious. Haha.

The present I got from host family. It's a long sleeve shirt with stripes. Forgot to upload the photo of the shirt, lazy already. Haha.
At home, I wear like this: The grey 'thing' is my long johns, and the white and green 'thing' is my shirt. So I'm like a monster with 4 parts of hand. -_-.
Merry Christmas everyone! =)
Anyway, 2008 is coming to an end. Have 2008 regrets? Have things you did well in 2008? Think about it, you'll get better each and every year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Mama [Biological mama, not host mama] said 'Christmas isn't the same without you here.' Must be so much worse eh? LOL.
This is my first Christmas away from home, and I do miss home, of course. But this year's Christmas Eve celebration wasn't that bad. Went to see host family's performance on the streets.
In Italy my place here, there are alot of Christmas trees. Real ones.
I also saw lots of little things. They're placed outside a building in the walls, and shown to the public.
They're like drawings, but much more beautiful.
There are stuff like:
1.Church choir.
2. Er..

3. Homeless children.
4. Act cute Little red riding hood.
Free hot wine. Yeah, hot wine! My host said my area [Trento] produces the best wine in the world LOL. So papa mama, I am gonna learn, learning have learnt to drink wine.

Free chicken soup. Nice.
Free lamb chop. Saw lambs on the way to the restaurant where they blow trumpets and perform. Had so much fun going crazy with host sis boyfriend and host bro. Scream and shout like siao and WOO!!!!!! after they finish a song. LOL.
More lamb chop.
And then had pork and bread. And these are pork lungs -_____________-.

Not used balloons, Florence. LOL.
Anyway, Christmas eve is fun for me here. But I still don't get to go to a protestant church, 'cause I can't travel alone. Gotta do stuff by myself. Tomorrow I'm going to host grandma's house for Christmas celebration. They said there are cows. Gotta 'camwhore' with cows!!
Merry Christmas papa mama bros and sisters and grandparents and relatives, youths and friends! Miss ya'll!