Friday, December 12, 2008


NOW I truly understand the idiom: Absence makes the heart fonder.

There's no description of how I feel. You can only experience it by yourself.

Vivien cried in the church. "Sam kor (3rd bro) is going for 2 months ady.."

And you know what, I cried too! Never notice before how much I love my family. THIS much. Although it's only 2 months, but hey, it's my first time going overseas ALONE. Since I cry, I'm either 1.not matured, still a boy or 2.I love my family very much, which isn't common in most families nowadays. And I think it's both. LOL.

Even Brian who went to KL and Australia didn't even bother much, and Joshua didn't cry when he went to KL and live for few years already. But hey, I love them all! And I can't resist my emotions.

Farewell, family and friends.. Miss you all! :)

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