Thursday, December 18, 2008


Life here is really great. LOL. I can scrub my own cheese [as much as I want]. Well, we still pour the whole bottle of cheese on pizzas in Pizza Hut anyway, but at least I get to scrub! Haha.

The cat is really smart. She knows when to go near the fireplace to get warmth. She's cute too.
Anyway just now she suddnely sneezed continuously for 6 times. Hahahaha.

F.Y.I, I didn't throw her into the bag. She went in herself.
Anyway, I can't put the videos here. They are American Idol's specials. Really funny. Do check it out.
Super hilarious Renaldo Lapuz:
Chocolate Rain who laughs like crazy:
And if you think you know much about beatboxing:

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