Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle by Ivan. Chong.

Everyone has been posting on food. All blogs post food. Kenny Sia, Xia Xue, Boon Siew, Siau Wen, EVERYONE!!! Food is boring okay! It makes me so mad! So I'm gonna post about food also!

Well remember I mentioned Yoghurt + Muesli so many times? Here it is, the recipe! [Well, not the recipe to make yoghurt and muesli, duh..]

First, get a cat.

SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRR CUTE. She's sibeh kawaii lah. But not part of the recipe LOL.

1. First, get yoghurt. Pour it all out on a bowl. Use a spoon to get everything out of the little plastic cup. Don't get banana yoghurt [they have it here], mixed fruits yoghurt would be good.

Looks like salad, but it doesn't smell like salad.

2. Then open your Muesli box gently and nicely.

It says got honey one. But you should add honey yourself if you have honey. Honey honey~ Won't you kiss me, ahah, honey honey~

And then it becomes like this:

Very nice leh! You can tell how nice it is by reading more.
I eat this Yoghurt + Muesli 3 times a day ok. 1 for brunch, 1 for snack and 1 for supper.
My host doesn't get mad, instead they bought alot of yoghurt wor. Like 20+ packets. Not bad, hmm.

Some more ah, the supermarket even sell yoghurt combined with muesli in a bottle leh. They seperate it like 'Nyam Nyam'. But much better than 'Nyam Nyam.' Healthy food! Not like those bloggers who show all kinds of food from restaurants. Expensive and not as healthy as Yoghurt + Muesli. So must read my blog more often ah. LOL, just joking. All bloggers have different ways of writing right.

After eating you'll be a happy bear like me.

It's difficult to take a picture by yourself in front of your family ok.
P/s: I'm not hideous.
So daddy mummy please order yoghurts. 21 bottles a week. Make it 50, so everyone can be happy bears. [Yes, my parents read this blog.]

How I wish food can reproduce and benefit human and produces better genes for better food. MOAR yoghurt!!! MOAR muesli!!!
But I think Malaysia doesn't have this? 'Cause I've only seen Muesli bars. So break it yourself.

Cats that have three colours are female cats. Confirm 100%!

She loves rabbit meat. And bones. =D Cutest thing I've ever seen in year 2008.
Cutest 'thing' ok. Cutest person you say? Who else? Hahah.

Anyway, to really obtain a healthy lifestyle, you should STOP DRINKING STOP SMOKING START EXERCISING START MAINTAINING YOUR IDEAL WEIGHT!!! Also get at least 8 hours of sleep. Don't know for different age groups lah.

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