Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Eat. No eat no talk.

Ok, sorry for not updating for so long. [I'll still apologise even if you don't care LOL. It's too late to apologiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it's too lateeeee.] I understand your feelings, 'cause I can imagine my parents clicking on my blog to check for updates everyday like crazy. [Aww, thanks daddy mummy!] *click click click click click click click* Ok now I'm updating. If I don't update, it means I'm purposely making people visit my blog everyday to check, thus increase the number of visitors everyday.
Today's update is more on food, since Italy is famous for food.
1. Pinestrone d'orzo [barley soup, yes I actually learned to pronounce it.] Orzo=Barley.
It smells like maggi chicken flavour instant noodles, it tastes like maggi chicken flavour instant noodles and it looks like maggi chicken flavour instant noodles. But it's not maggi. You can imagine how we drink barley drinks when we yamcha and now replacing maggi noodles with barley and cooking them. NICE! Yeah it's not that bad actually. When you eat it, you feel like eating maggi chicken flavour instant noodles without noodles but with barley, which kind of tastes like rice.
2. Pasta. [Don't have pic lah, but it's the same as our macaroni with tomato sauce and broken minced meat.]
3. Spaggethi, ham, bacon, bacon with eggs, pizza[no home-made ones yet.], wine and beer EVERYDAY and all kinds of Italian food.
4. Ever heard of cornflakes + yoghurt? We usually munch on Coco Crunch with milk, but they eat Muesli [we have Muesli bars only in KB.] with yoghurt. It's so nice that once you taste this, you'll never want to eat yoghurt alone. Muesli becomes a MUST when you eat yoghurt. Host parents even bought like 20 packets of yoghurts, maybe for me LOL.
5. Christmas cookie. Huge. Sexy. It's a huge cube cookie. Cake I think.
6. Anyway, Fiona ran into the place where we keep wood for the fireplace.
Of course this picture doesn't show that she is in the fireplace, for fun only.
So we ate Fiona meat that night. She's so cute! And she even refuses to come out. -_-.
7. Tiles in Trento, Italy. [Trento is a small city.]
Just F.Y.I, people in my place walk alot. I mean to workplaces and to many places which are near their homes. Not like in KB, everyone must use car. No car means people look down at you. No class. One thing is their tiles are good. Not those black black black like Chong Yaw and Min Ly de tiles. But all these tiles that make you wanna walk more.
Oh, and Buon Natale to you all! Merry Christmas! For those who don't know, Christmas Day is actually the Birthday of Jesus. It's not about Santa Claus LOL. Not many in Malaysia celebrate Christmas except Christians right? Nah it's ok. Merry Christmas!

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