Monday, December 29, 2008

Ice Skating.


Fiona loves to go treasure hunting! Kawaiiness.

Muesli is very crunchy! Better than Coco Crunch or Honey Stars! Healthy and nice! [Maybe I should spend all my money buying Muesli to bring back to KB.]
Ok, before much talking, let me show you 1 photo of the ice rink here.
No, it's not real ice if you want to ask. If it's real ice I probably won't be here typing already. I would've sunken. (Correct word onot dad? Mum?) So it's not real ice there. I mean, it's ice alright, but still the same kind of ice rink you see in Sunway Pyramid, KL.
Ok, I notice that there are 4 kinds of people on the ice rink.
1. Pro but show off uncles.
They put their hands at their backs and skate and skate and even skate backwards and jump around, and they even think that they are skating gracefully. These uncles aren't very young also you know, so imagine them skating here and there, whereas people want to paktoh and they skate here and there. Annoying! [I don't hate old people ok, just for fun LOL.]
2. People who skate in the opposite direction.
As you all know, people skate like clockwise around the rink right? Then some people ah, they dono purposely or hiao go skate in the opposite direction, some more do innocent face wor. Not bad, can make others fall down.
3. People who fall down all the time.
Especially children who are beginners, they tend to fall down very much. And it's contagious! One person fall down, then others come and cannot stop then fall down also. Some even fall down again when they wanna stand up. At least children fall down still cute la, don't come out old uncles aunties fall down on the butt. [I don't hate old people ok, just for fun LOL.]
4. Parents who are over protective of their children.
Oh come on, don't keep on holding your children like 'NO I DUWAN MY CHILD TO FALL DOWN EVER.' Some even hold their children like trolleys leh. Come on, once a while let your hands off when your children fall down. Let them feel the 'Fall down liao must stand up again orhs!' idiom.
See la, the child also beh sun liow.
Anyway one suggestion for you:
If you wanna go skating, don't ever go alone. Don't ever go with a couple. Go with your family or your friends who don't have bfs / gfs. If you're skating alone it's going to get boring. If you're with friends you can push them and make them fall down! 'Bitch!' they would say. Going with family is the best, 'cause you can hold hands together and form a line and block people's way thus increasing number of people who fall down suddenly.
And it snowed! It's my jacket, I didn't take picture of girls' jackets -_-
Snow tastes like water! WoOh! Ok, going to dinner.
Signing off,
LOL old fashioned.
Anyway, I don't know what's wrong with my blog. I can't seem to 'enter' and make spaces between sentences. Guess it's the picture problem, 'cause my previous post can wor. Hmm.

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