Monday, December 21, 2009


Woohoo I'm back from Taipei!! It was really an awesome trip, oh yeah!
Especially the food. Oh it was like a live-to-eat trip!
When we first checked the temperature in Taipei, the Internet said it was gonna be 22
° C, but when we went it was freezing 12° C. Good thing we borrowed coats from my aunt's friend :)
Anyway I'm lazy to upload the photos here, so feel free to browse through the photos by clicking the links below

Album 1

Album 2

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yay! SPM is officially over. (Officially 'cause I've been giving myself holidays before the Chinese papers started) The reason I've never updated for such a long time is because I find it difficult to post short posts like some people do. It's weird for me, but I shall get used to it right now!

So next year I'm going to take SAM in Taylor's! It's going to be an exciting journey for me as I'm leaving home! Wooooooooo.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll be going to KL. And on Wednesday I'll be traveling in Taipei with my family. :D Oh and there won't be photos in my blog anymore, as I'll be uploading them all into my Facebook profile.