Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well I have no choice but to a great enthusiasm to carry out my '开开心心学Italian!' program from today onwards.
And I still have 3 homework undone. It's been weeks and I'm still having 3 undone homework. How cool is that!? I'm still complaining on Moral Folio.

Ok, let me share with you all some of the important words I need to know.

Hi : Ciao
Bye : Ciao
Yes : Si
No : No
Sleep : Sonno
Toilet : WC
Sorry : Scusi
Thank You : Grazie
Welcome : Prego

Well, Hi and Bye are both 'Ciao'. Just now..
Chuan Pang: If got people named 'Ciao' sure very cham. Ciao Ciao.
Ivan: Without the name 'Ciao' also cham already. [Ciao! Ciao! Hee!] = [Hi! Bye! Hee!]

Happy learning! Ciao!

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