Monday, December 22, 2008

Mountains are alive!

For those who hasn't see my first post about Italy, you should, 'cause you can't miss out the kawaii version of Ong Poh Poh! Anyway I went mountain climbing. The whole mountain is covered by snow! And host says we will go again to the top :) It was so fun. Let the MY pictures tell you how fun it was, and I think I'll put in the captions some other time for the pics I have to explain. It will be tiring for me to upload 58 pictures like this.
T,T Some photos are repeated, but I'm too lazy to sort them out. LOL.

I love the covering of the snow on top of the roof top. Very very cute.

We took a ride on a cable car to go up. LOL.

It's always fun to see people falling down.

It's a machine for making artificial ice, I mean snow, using water.
Fall down!


Fall down. LOL.

Snow is like, 2 meters deep!

It's easy to suddenly get your feet down into the snow.



Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig unknown big snow 'ball'.


It's a roof, with marks of people ski-ing through the roof before!

Igloo! Nah, not an igloo.

The sun makes me sweat for the first time in Italy.

Best hot chocolate EVER. Yea, a restaurant on the mountains. The cream is sweet too. BEST!

VERY thick snow.


Had to hold on to all these fences to make sure I don't fall down and roll. It's a ski-ing place actually, so people are like 'DONT WALK HERE OMG.' And no, I didn't ski, because my host family doesn't ski and I don't wanna be like ski-ing alone and make them wait for me and then waste the money for rental.

Caught your ass!

If you get on a car after brushing teeth and the sun shines on you, prepare to puke.

Brought this, but didn't use the gloves except when I wanna throw snow at host dad and sis LOL. 'Cause it's kinda hot with the sun shining.
Argh, after 100 times of pressing upload plus 1 hour of time wasted used, finnaly this is done! [Have to upload photos 5 by 5.] When I go again next time [yes, i am promised], I'll take more photos with my face, if not it'll be boring to take the same photos. Well, enjoy!

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