Thursday, December 25, 2008


Mama [Biological mama, not host mama] said 'Christmas isn't the same without you here.' Must be so much worse eh? LOL.
This is my first Christmas away from home, and I do miss home, of course. But this year's Christmas Eve celebration wasn't that bad. Went to see host family's performance on the streets.
In Italy my place here, there are alot of Christmas trees. Real ones.
I also saw lots of little things. They're placed outside a building in the walls, and shown to the public.
They're like drawings, but much more beautiful.
There are stuff like:
1.Church choir.
2. Er..

3. Homeless children.
4. Act cute Little red riding hood.
Free hot wine. Yeah, hot wine! My host said my area [Trento] produces the best wine in the world LOL. So papa mama, I am gonna learn, learning have learnt to drink wine.

Free chicken soup. Nice.
Free lamb chop. Saw lambs on the way to the restaurant where they blow trumpets and perform. Had so much fun going crazy with host sis boyfriend and host bro. Scream and shout like siao and WOO!!!!!! after they finish a song. LOL.
More lamb chop.
And then had pork and bread. And these are pork lungs -_____________-.

Not used balloons, Florence. LOL.
Anyway, Christmas eve is fun for me here. But I still don't get to go to a protestant church, 'cause I can't travel alone. Gotta do stuff by myself. Tomorrow I'm going to host grandma's house for Christmas celebration. They said there are cows. Gotta 'camwhore' with cows!!
Merry Christmas papa mama bros and sisters and grandparents and relatives, youths and friends! Miss ya'll!

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