Saturday, November 29, 2008


So went to KL to settle my student VISA.
At least the Italian Embassy isn't as bad as the Americans Embassy, as i heard from Woon Shin.

At the Americans Embassy,
1. Check your handbag, check your pocket, check your everything.
Guess they're being very very careful 'cos this is an Islamic country.

2. Ask you to swear that you're giving real information and blah blah.
So strict?

3. Give you a name tag to hang on, eg: Visitor, Escort, Guardian blah blah.
Dog meh?

Well, our 9pm flight on the 28th of November turned out to be a 10pm flight. I'm already 'ok' with the 1 hour delay, but the worst part is : Airasia staffs are smart. They don't tell you ''AK6169 flight is going to be delayed by an hour.'' Instead, they tell you 'AK6169 flight is going to be delayed by 20 minutes.'' for 3 times. Yes, THREE TIMES, to make you excited and then sad, and excited and sad, and excited and happy to go home.
And the worst worst part is, the flight just now (29th of November) was also delayed by an hour, and they announced it that way too.

K, after reaching LCCT, we took an hour ride to Sentral. On the bus I sat beside and OLD man (About 50+ or 60+ who kept on texting. Yes, all the way from LCCT to KL Sentral. I wonder why parents never teach THEIR parents to not to SMS so much.) And then had supper at this restaurant. Then change restaurant 'cos they don't have food anymore. But the sink is REALLY cool!

So elegant.

And then at the hotel,

I wonder how are we going to protect our bag at all times by stepping or 'kapek-ing' it like shown in the figure above. Eew? Kapek Jocky with your legs like that ok la, don't kapek bag.

Super nice bottles. Rm50 each -_-. All at MidValley. My parents said they shopped till they dropped. But it's so NOT true. They shopped till I fell asleep on a chair.

And then the 2nd day (29th) we had dinner at Chilis.

This is uber-delicious. That guacamole, made using tapioca, I mean avocado tastes not bad. (SO NICE TO PRONOUNCE! guaca-mole guaca-mo-le guaca-mo-llllle)

What's interesting in Mid Valley?

Balls. For sitting. It's abit blurry here, 'cos rushing to get the cab lah.
Even got people sitting on it. It's like OMG HUGE.

Anyway, tell you what. On the airplane, there was a super noisy baby crying like crazy. You know, that kinda baby where you just wanna hit him in the face, 'cos he cries all the way from KL to KB, for 55 minutes.
How I wished I somebody can smack that baby in the face.
How I wished that baby is like Justin, smart and cute, like me.
How I wished I could fart like in the morning, fart poisonous gases, which contains ammonia as said by mum, just to suffocate + shut that baby up. LOL.

Also, we were thinking. I have an orientation to attend on the 9th of December. There's a parents briefing session, but well, my parents don't wanna go. But they have to bring me there anyway. So at first mum thought that Brian can bring me there. But.. I can imagine us nocturnal creatures people sleeping so late and what will happen when there's an orientation at 9AM sharp?
So mum thought we could take the early morning flight to KL.
But NO, it would be like:
1. Delay.
2. Air stewardess: Mr Chong, wake up wake up! There's only you both left on the plane. Everyone's out.
Brian and Ivan: Uhh? *Scratch and shout ngahhh*.

This trip is seriously tiring. Especially those delays.

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