Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pn. Nor Faridah?

Yeah, Pn. Nor Faridah. Chung Hwa people know her right?
So this week is the last week of schooling. School ends at 1.15pm for EVERYBODY.
And then I walked with my sister to Pn. Tan Ai Hwa's car (We follow her car home).
So on the way, we saw Pn. Nor Faridah sitting in her car. So we didn't bother, just walked to Pn. Tan's car and waited till the bell rings. And guess what?

Pn. Nor Faridah's car went boom, zoom, straight, to the exit.

Can imagine her face.. So nervous to wait for the bell to ring. Cute right?

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minmay said...

i'll tell her tmr. hahaha..